Okay so I was having a fab time when I found a “beauty outlet” shop with Stila products that were practically half price, I grabbed a ton of it and just before paying texted my mum to check if it was vegan. 

But no, they decide to rub make up in little bunnies eyes to make sure we can slap it on our face. When did our vanity become more important than an animals quality of life? It pisses me right off. 

But anyway I got some B. face wipes which I ran out of decades ago so my face will thank me for that. 

I’m thinking of doing a giveaway at 250 followers, what kind of things would you be interested in? Let me know! 

Goodbye for now little buns! 


I almost died

Okay maybe that was a slight exaggeration 

But hey long time no..type? Basically I was on holiday and then in hospital because my bowl decided it didn’t want to work any more,cuuute. 

Anyway I’m trying to really be nice to my body and I’ve already lost a pound in a couple of days HOLLAAA. I’m obviously vegan but I am actually paying attention to what I put in my body now, sticking to whole foods and a HCLF lifestyle, and I have to say, I’m loving it. It’s difficult with constant temptations of donuts, crisps, chocolate etc, but I know I am nourishing my body and soon that will show on the outside. 

This  was yesterday and I was so full, let me know if you have My Fitness Pal  so we can be friends!

What type of posts are your fave to read? I know which ones I prefer doing but it’s not all about me now, is it? 

Lol goodbye for now lil buns! 

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I’m a fat vegan


So I see so many things online about people using veganism to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle, but I find so many things that are accidentally vegan and then eat it all..oops. Let’s be honest I know you’re curious so here’s a little list for you; Pringles, co op jam donuts, Oreos, popcorn, kettle chips, chilli Doritos, apple pie…. Do you see why I struggle?? 

I haven’t put on weight since going vegan, but I haven’t lost any either. I know I need to knuckle down so I am taking each day as it comes. Let’s see what the future holds, eh? Hopefully some good shit 

Goodbye for now little buns 


Lush Butterball Review!

I just had to have a bath for you guys, the things I do for you… Hello again! Today I will be doing a little review of the lush Butterball bath bomb. And they are not lying when they say bomb.


As you can see its just a little white ball with “Lush” on it, cuuute. On the lush website it says:

“If you have dry, sensitive or irritated skin, this is the bath bomb to replenish it. Once the cocoa butter pieces have melted, your skin will be coated by a light buttery film that smells good enough to eat. Ylang ylang is used in aromatherapy to treat stress and depression, as well as relaxing the nervous system, and relieves anger, panic and fear.”

That’s a pretty big claim but wow, I mean, I obviously expected a nice bath but that was a NICE bath. I didn’t actually read what it says on the website until now, I just knew that it smelt amazing and was £2.50 so obviously I bought it. At the minute I am feeling particularly down and stressed and this is just what I needed, I honestly nearly fell asleep in the bath. It has made my skin feel absolutely amazing and smell like heaven.


As it’s fizzing away you can see little brown flecks of cocoa butter rise to the surface and these stick to you as you get in! As I rubbed my legs though they vanished and made my skin super smooth. One thing I would say is don’t try and shave your legs when you use this in your bath…that doesn’t work, which, if I had read the website, I would have known, but I didn’t. The film kinda makes shaving your legs (successfully) impossible. It also looks mega cool as it fizzes, well, explodes- LIKE A BOMB (see what I did there???).


It also reminds me of porridge but that’s not the point I’m trying to make. There are only 6 ingredients, 3 of which are natural and the other 3 are safe synthetics. This product is entirely vegan and lush do not test on animals or use products that have been tested on animals- yay! I will probably go and buy heaps more of the Butterball bath bomb because its so so cheap and so so lovely!

So I guess that’s all for now, goodbye little buns!