Get Ready With Me | Beach day!

Hi Guys! With the weather (hopefully) getting warmer as the days go by, I thought I would show you my hair, make up and outfit for the beach! Little fact- I hate the beach, so if you’re like me and are trying to be really enthusiastic even though you don’t want to go, worry no further, I have you covered.


I started with my usual B.Ready moisturiser which has SPF 15 in it to protect my skin from any sun damage. I also used my MAC strobe cream on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, chin, cupids bow and the middle of my forehead. Pretty much anywhere where you would apply a highlighter.


For my base I didn’t want anything too heavy so I used a little bit of my L’Oreal True Match foundation in “Rose Ivory” which also has SPF 17 for added protection. I then went in with some Revlon Colour Stay concealer to hide my (designer…I wish) bags. For a little extra coverage I used my busted MUA powder in shade 3- I think, just to give me a bit of colour!


For bronzer, blusher and highlighter I used my Urban Decay Flushed palette in “Native”, it is so quick and easy and super pigmented! The bronzer is quite warm so as I contour my cheekbones I just make sure to blend it upwards so that it doesn’t look muddy and gives me that perfect sun kissed look!


For my eyes I started with the Nars smudge proof eye shadow primer so that my eye shadow doesn’t disappear! I then FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES (well done me) but used the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette and started with the colours “Fade” and “Must” in my crease and under my eyes. Then I popped “Luna” on my lid to brighten my eyes and used the George white eye liner in my waterline to also make me appear more awake than I actually am! To give my lashes more volume I used the NYC High Definition liquid eye liner and just made a thin line along my top lash line. Next I curled my lashes as per usual and coated them with the Benefit They’re Real mascara.


I followed that with my normal brow routine but used a lot less product than usual because I didn’t want to look too ‘made up’ to go to the beach (ha, get it??).


To finish my make up I used my NIvea Lip butter in caramel cream, I swear I could eat this, my Lacura lip liner (surprise, surprise) to neaten the perimeter of my lips and then my Tanya Burr lip gloss in “Picnic in the park”. Et voila!


For my hair I kept it SUPER simple and just chucked it up in a bun because who wants sandy, tatty, wind swept hair? Not me.


I also laughed far too much at how stripey my hair is.

For my outfit I used wore an old dress with a denim jacket because summer is not my thing and this is the only thing I own that is relatively summery. I also wore my cream high top converse and actually wore tan tights because I there is nothing that drives me more insane than sand sticking to your legs. And it meant I didn’t have to tan.


And for anyone who is interested my nails are colour trend “scene” from Avon (and also very messy) with the diamond shatter top coat on my ring finger.



I hope you enjoyed this post and I helped you out in some way! I’m off to have a prom make up rehearsal for my cousin and her friend (wish me luck!) so I will see you on the other side! Goodbye for now little buns!


Review: MAC “False Lashes” Extreme Black Mascara

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing the Mac ‘False lashes extreme black mascara’ as it says right there^. Bit of a long name I know. I applied for the free sample of it and it arrived about a week later, without warning- I have to say I was a very happy girl.

But, is it worth the hype?

It has an “inky, mousse-like formula” and does feel very lightweight which I love. Even though it gives my lashes loads of length they don’t hit my glasses and surprisingly still look natural.

There is no distinct smell to this product which is nice because I don’t want anything smelly going anywhere near my eyes.


As you can see it has quite a large brush but it isn’t overwhelming at all, even on my tiny eyes! One thing I would say though is that it is very easy for the mascara to transfer onto your eye lids (especially if they are hooded) when you first apply it because the formula is so wet.

Please ignore my eyebrows in these before and after pictures, I promise you they don’t look that drawn on in person!



The mascara made a huge difference to my bare eyelashes and even made me look more awake, despite those awful bags under my eyes!

Personally I don’t think that this mascara gives much volume but paired with a thin stroke of eye liner it looks simple and beautiful!

The only thing that I don’t like about this mascara is that it comes off so easily if you cry or have watery eyes, I was in work the other day and my chest was really killing which made my eyes water a bit and there was mascara all underneath my eyes, I looked like a panda…in pain. Not nice.

So what I have been doing is putting my usual maybelline ‘the rocket’ waterproof mascara over the top.


This gives my lashes a little more volume and stops the mascara from escaping my lashes completely!

The MAC false lashes extreme black mascara retails at £19 which is a little steep but I would purchase it in a heartbeat if they had a waterproof option!

Overall I would rate this product an 8/10, the only ‘faults’ with it are that it isn’t waterproof and doesn’t give much volume, other than that though, I love it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time, goodbye for now little buns!


How to: Clean your room!

Hello everyone! Today I am going to give you some tips on cleaning your room, mainly because I needed to clean it and I’ve had a bit of a mental block and can’t think of what I want to post!

Here’s what my room looked like before (brace yourself)…




So as you can see, I had a lot of work to do! You can also see that none of my room matches because I was waiting to get it redone after 7 years so I didn’t really mind about it not matching for a “few weeks” which turned into 6 months… SOME DAY

Before doing anything, I lit a candle and stuck some tunes on to keep me going. And when I say “some tunes” I mean the same few songs on repeat for an hour and a half because I am obsessed.

I started off by making my bed as that is in the centre (and takes up most of) my room so I’ll feel like I have made progress and won’t give up after 20 minutes.
So that I didn’t get too overwhelmed with it all and again give up after 20 minutes I decided to make a mental note of which order I was going to clean up in.
I started with the two tall drawers next to my wardrobe and binned things I didn’t need but for some reason I had kept, like Costa receipts, plastic bags and little notes. I then put away my sheet music, placed my jewellery on the other side of my room to deal with later and arranged everything in a nicer fashion. I then cleaned it with some tissue and polish because ew dust.
Then I moved onto my dressing table. It was in a pretty bad way. I started by putting away groups of things, for example my make up, then hair related things, then random things like a towel and Goat Simulator, and also two mirrors because for some reason I had three on my dresser as well as the big mirrors right in front of my face, why I don’t know. I then dedusted it (I’m making that a word..dedusted. So aggressive) and moved on to my chest of drawers next to my bed.
Fun fact, I used to think “a chest of drawers” were called “chester drawers”.
I started by putting away the various hand creams I had sprawled across it and moved the teddies back onto my bed. Then I sorted out my jewellery which I had just left in front of my 6 billion year old jewellery box rather than putting it in it and binned any of the gift boxes they had come in because they are lovely but I’m never going to need a cardboard box the size of half a fish finger. I then stuck some candles in front of my extension lead because although I need it out I don’t wanna see it! And obviously dedusted that too.
THEN I moved onto the floor. Not as in I just sat on the floor like “yep, that’s enough”, I just made that my last thing to do because I couldn’t see it as much as I could see all my ‘surfaces’.
I’m not sure if this is a common thing or not but when I’m putting away my washing I like to go through it and split it up into different, smaller piles that are easier to tackle than one big mound that’s been building up for weeks. For example, I split it up into underwear, socks and tights, T-shirts, leggings, pyjamas and then things that need hanging up. Then I can pick up the little piles and put them away in one go! Then I hoovered and changed my bin et voila! DONE




So then obviously I got myself a banana and some peanut butter to eat whilst I wrote this, it was nice. Also, for those who are interested in my progress since my last post, I have lost 4lbs! 😀

And for those interested in one of the songs I am obsessed with, it is “Get loney with me” by George Ezra who the lovely Fiona introduced me to. You should all check out her blog by the way, that’s another thing I’m obsessed with!! So that’s all for today, Goodbye for now little buns!

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Sick to Chic, Victoria’s Secret style

I hope you just cringed at that title as much as I did. I also realise that this looks exactly like my Cheryl inspired look but at the same time completely different.

The other day I got my first ever MAC purchase. And it is beautiful. The whole look was kinda influenced by it, I’m just in love. So let’s get started and you will see what it is in just a tick.


Here’s me with a “head cold”, tonsillitis and a temperature. YAY. I also kinda did my eyebrows before I started because I want them to look nice and natural.

I started by mixing my L’oreal True Match with my simple illuminating radiance cream yadayadayada you guys know the drill. But this time I used a wet disposable make up sponge to really push it into my skin (…that actually sounds gross) because this girl needs a lot of coverage right now.

Then I concealed using my collection lasting perfection as per usual under my eyes, on my chin and cupids bow, down the bridge of my nose and the teeniest tiniest bit on the lower centre bit of my forehead, kinda in between my eyebrows. Then I used my Rimmel clear complexion powder just to set that very lightly as I still wanna look super healthy and glowy.

Then I went in with Sleeks “Rose gold” blush, I love love love this! It’s the perfect pink colour with a gorgeous gold shimmer, much like the Nars “Orgasm” blush but a lot more affordable and with such a better name.



Then I went in with my MAC mineralised skin finish in “Lightscapade” with one of my new super soft pink brushes in the same places I put my concealer and also on my brow bone. Oh my. It is so shimmery and the perfect colour, I look so much healthier when I’m wearing this, so obviously, being sick, this was a must. The camera doesn’t do it any justice, go wander into MAC and have a look at this, like, if you feel like you might be a little too pale for “soft and gentle” or you want to look a little more natural I would so recommend this, definitely worth the money.

Then I chucked some bourjois bronzer on as I always do because Lord knows I need a bit of colour and moved onto my eyes.

I started with the Maybelline colour tattoo in “On and on bronze” just with my finger and blended that out with this cute lil colour from my MUA “Heaven and Earth” palette, I also put it underneath my eye with another finger.


OH LOOK A MAC 217 BRUSH, HOW DID THAT GET THERE? I bought it, that’s how. It’s a little denser than I imagined but it blends out flawlessly and effortlessly.

Okay so then I used the Barry M blink waterproof liner to create a thin line on my top lashline and followed that with the Avon supershock mascara because that looks more natural than some of my other mascaras.

After that I just brushed through my brows with the Maybelline brow drama and let them be.

To finish I used a lipgloss that I got in a gift set ages ago but the colour looks very similar to the Tanya Burr “picnic in the park” lip gloss.



Why does it look like I have a moustache AGAIN? I promise you I got rid of it and it’s just come back more powerful and stronger than ever. But look at that shimmer. HNNNNGGG I CAN’T COPE.


Because I couldn’t be bothered doing the whole ” big bombshell curls” (is that even what people call them?) I decided to go more natural and used my mane n tail hair strengthener, which also protects the hair from heat(!), and my toni and guy sea salt spray. After letting my hair dry for about half an hour I just sprayed both of these on and sort of plonked my hair in the diffuser multiple times until it was almost dry and then let it air dry because I’m too lazy and impatient.


I am having such a positive relationship with my hair right now, I love you mane n tail. My hair has never been so shiny and soft. Also, how fast has it grown please? I have used up my “olive oil complex” duo and now have the original to try out, I’ll let you know how they differ.

So that is it for today- I promise my next tutorial will be as different to this as physically possible. No brown eye shadows in sight! Okay maybe just one.

Before I go I’ll just give you guys a quick little update, I finally went the doctors for real and they did some blood tests and I will be referred to a psychiatrist or something of the sort but obviously nothing is set in stone yet but I will keep you updated and all that lark. Hope you all have an amazing week, good-bye for now little buns!

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Okay so before I even started my blog I had a little space in my drawer for products that I have used up, I suppose that I thought I would have the balls to start a youtube channel by now but it appears not. I have just been piling these things up so I thought I would show you what I have used and give you a cheeky little review of each product. 


I’ll start with the first product I used up, the Revlon Colorstay concealer, in, no surprise, “01-fair”. I would say that it is a light-medium coverage, especially for dark circles. The smell isn’t all that noticeable and it doesn’t crease that much under my eyes. I would be tempted to repurchase this but I would use it more to cover up redness like the scar on my nose. From what I can remember it was around £8 which is reasonable but I would like a better coverage.


Next is another concealer. As you can see this is well loved and has almost no label left on the product. I feel like everyone and their dog has used this product, and in case you hadn’t guessed, it is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in, you guessed it, “1-fair”. This is also not full coverage however it covers enough for me to be happy with, I haven’t found any concealer that can fully cover my dark under eyes so for the time being this will do me. It does smell a little funky but to be honest I haven’t noticed a smell until I just took a sniff. For just under £4 you can’t really complain. I am on my third tube of this so I probably would, and will, repurchase this.


I have a special place in my heart for lip balm and with my love of Palmer’s cocoa butter I was super happy when I got this a while back. However I wasn’t overly impressed. It does smell amazing but its fairly thin and slippy, like those sweet scented ones that you can get in a pack of 4 for £1, you know? I also bought this when my lips were really quite chapped and there was no difference in my lips at all after using the whole thing. It does have SPF 15 which I was happy about when I was in and out of the sun and didn’t burn my lips, which I have done before and it is not fun. It was only £2 so I would be tempted to try it again but maybe the lip butter rather than the lip balms because I can imagine that to be thicker.


I can’t get enough of this stuff. As you can see this is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It lasted me about 3-4 months which I thought was great as I was using it every night and most mornings. There is no fragrance whatsoever and it doesn’t sting my face at all which I was chuffed with. I have had no trouble getting every last bit of make up off with this magical water. I have repurchased this already and I will probably continue to do so, especially at around £4 a bottle. 


 There is no way I have normal skin but this cream is blue and I was like WOAH BLUE CREAM and bought it. It claims to provide “long lasting moisture” and for your skin to “appear more radiant and youthful”. Being a ‘youth’ I didn’t really notice a difference in that respect but my skin was definitely more hydrated and this soaks into your skin so quick which was great when I had to be out the house by 7:45am. I can’t remember how much this was but it was from Aldi so as you can probably imagine it was super cheap.


This is a weird one but I do use deodorant so why not stick it in here. Its also from the same brand as the moisturiser and I wanted to keep the theme going. I remember picking this up when I had no money and, of course, no deodorant. Normally my under arms can be quite sensitive and I was surprised that this didn’t actually sting, even after shaving! It also didn’t choke me which my current Garnier one is doing at the moment. I definitely would repurchase this and again, as it’s from Aldi, it’s super cheap.


So, I also don’t have oily skin but my skin goes crazy when I am stressed (all the time) and before that time of the month and I get a little scared when using an oil based moisturiser when my skin is having a little tantrum. This kept my skin moisturised without giving me extra spots or worsening the ones I had, win! I do have the “dry and sensitive skin” version of this and I like them both. The only problem is that I can’t use either of them if my face is having an extra sensitive day because both of them sting. They are around the £3 mark, give or take, so I would consider repurchasing them but they aren’t top of my list.


Last but not least, my little stash of Simple products. In my time I have had many simple products, the three above which are the “eye make-up remover”, the “soothing facial toner” and the “hydrating light moisturiser”. I have also had the “foamy facial cleanser” (I think that’s what it’s called) and my current favourite “illuminating radiance cream”. I do love all of the Simple products as they aren’t pricey so are good for those on a budget, *cough cough* me, and they have never irritated my skin. Personally I am not a fan of the cleansers and will stick to my magic water and my soap&glory “peaches and clean” but I adore the other products. I have repurchased the toner 3 times, the moisturiser twice (I do need another though) and the eye make up remover twice. I have a feeling I will always go back to some Simple products, no matter what else I find. And no this isn’t sponsored in any way, shape, or form, I just really like Simple.

So that’s it for today folks! I am planning two Autumn/Winter make up looks for you guys so be on the look out for them! Hope you have a great day, goodbye for now little buns!


My skin care routine!

I love trying out new products however I have kept this exact routine for the past month now and I have noticed a dramatic change in my skin. Before we get into it I will just tell you a little bit about my skin, I have dry, sensitive skin and eczema however I am prone to pimples, especially when I am stressed, which is a lot of the time. I also had very patchy skin, including red cheeks and a very red nose!

If I am wearing make up I like to start with L’Oreal’s “Micellar water” which completely dissolves my make up and takes it off without irritating my skin or eyes. I then follow that up with, what I believe has been the product that has made the most difference in my skin, Soap and Glory’s “Peaches and Clean” cleansing milk.


I cannot praise this amazing product enough, it has got rid of the mila under my eyes, blackheads on my nose and helped a lot with my discolouration. To use it you can just splash your face with water, rub in a pump of the cleansing milk all over your face, and then wash it off! Simple! The only thing I would say is that when I first started using it I did have a few breakouts because of how deeply it was cleaning my pores, but that cleared up within a matter of days. Also if you get it in your eyes it stings like a bitch! It also smells soooo freaking good.

The next product that I use is Simple’s “Soothing facial Toner” which I have repurchased for the third time now. It is so gentle on my skin and soaks in very quickly, I never really notice a massive difference with toners but since I have started using this again my face feels so smooth!

To prevent any pimples I then spray my face twice with the Lush “Tea tree water” …kind of. This product is kinda pricey for what it is so when I ran out of it I bought some tee trea oil and used tap water to create my own! It works just the same so I am over the moon! I also spray this all over my pillows and my teddy (anything I am likely to have my face on really… and yes, I sleep with a teddy).

After this (wow I really do go on, don’t I?) I spray my face three times, as the nozzle is kinda narrow, with The Body Shop’s “Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz”. This smells absolutely divine. If I am completely honest I am not sure what its meant to do to my skin but it makes me feel awake and it smells good so I like to use it.

To finish off I like to use Aveeno’s “Moisturising Creamy Oil” which is brilliant for my dry skin and eczema and smells really good too. Can you tell I am sold my the smell of something?

BONUS ROUND. Wait, what? I don’t know. But anyway, in the morning, or whenever I put my make up on, I use this baby.


Simple’s “Illuminating Radiance Cream”. It has the tiniest flecks of glitter in which are so subtle (not like a disco ball, don’t worry) and when you put your make up on you look naturally dewy and healthy which is a personal favourite look of mine. Okay so I will stop rambling now and let you get on with your day. Here’s a picture of my nakey skin so you know I’m not just lying.


Thats all for now! Goodbye little buns!


How to make an effort without making an effort

Okay so, I don’t know about you (BUT I’M FEELING TWENTY TWOOO) but some days I really don’t want to do anything apart from sleep and eat…okay most days. However sometimes we have to look presentable and unfortunately leave our beds and ice cream behind. So, to make an effort without making an effort I like to do this quick and easy “no make up” make up look! We first want to moisturise our skin because you never know if someone will stroke it. Well, that’s not the real reason but you would be surprised how many people randomly stoke my face. I used both Nivea’s “Rich moisturising day cream” for dry and sensitive skin and Simple’s “illuminating radiance cream”. Then I used Collection’s “lasting perfection” concealer in “1- fair” to cover any bad boy blemishes and my crazy red nose and under eye circles. Then I used MUA’s face powder in shade “3” to give me some colour and a slight bit of coverage. Following that I curled my lashes and applied Benefit’s “they’re real!” mascara. For my brows I used Rimmel’s “professional eyebrow pencil” in “001- dark brown” veeeery carefully because this can go pear shaped far too easily. I just used the brush on the lid to comb them through and then applied Carmex’s “moisture plus” lip balm. Et voila!! Super quick, super affordable, and super simple! I hoped this helped by fellow lazy friends, good bye for now little buns!


How to make an effort without making an effort