I almost died

Okay maybe that was a slight exaggeration 

But hey long time no..type? Basically I was on holiday and then in hospital because my bowl decided it didn’t want to work any more,cuuute. 

Anyway I’m trying to really be nice to my body and I’ve already lost a pound in a couple of days HOLLAAA. I’m obviously vegan but I am actually paying attention to what I put in my body now, sticking to whole foods and a HCLF lifestyle, and I have to say, I’m loving it. It’s difficult with constant temptations of donuts, crisps, chocolate etc, but I know I am nourishing my body and soon that will show on the outside. 

This  was yesterday and I was so full, let me know if you have My Fitness Pal  so we can be friends!

What type of posts are your fave to read? I know which ones I prefer doing but it’s not all about me now, is it? 

Lol goodbye for now lil buns! 


It’s only 2015!

Hello everyone! First off, I want to wish you all a very happy new year! I can’t believe it’s 2015 already. Every year I make the same new years resolution, to lose weight. But guess what- it never happens. So this year I am going to tweak that slightly by breaking it down into multiple smaller resolutions and hopefully, with them now being on the internet for everyone to read, I’ll stick to them!

1. Drink more water- I literally never drink and it has caused me many different problems. I never really feel thirsty, I just get to the dehydrated stage and then end up crying on the couch with the worst headache going. I also think that I eat too much because there is 0 liquid in my belly, so this has taken the ‘top spot’ as the most important.

2. Eat in moderation- I don’t want this one as an excuse to eat cake for breakfast or have a dominoes once a week, but more so that I don’t feel guilty when I do want to eat food that isn’t so healthy, it’s all about having a positive relationship with food rather than it being the enemy. Being healthy = losing weight. But losing weight shouldn’t be the main target otherwise, knowing me, it’ll get too obsessive.

3. Be a little more selfish- okay so this one sounds really bad but I mean it more like when I am making decisions, I need to make them for me and not to be a people pleaser. Even if I don’t want to go somewhere, I shouldn’t feel bad for not wanting to go and make excuses for myself.

4. Stop over thinking things- I am Queen of the thinking, I have literally been thinking about the same irrelevant thing since just before NYE. It doesn’t matter and I don’t have to make a decision or anything, it’s just a ‘thing’ that I am thinking about. It just makes me worry more for no reason!

5. Stop feeling guilty about things- I am also Queen of feeling guilty. Like, I’ll feel bad for going the doctors because there are people who have it worse and need the doctors time more than I do. It’s kinda silly.

So there are my New Years resolutions, what are yours? That’s all from me today, goodbye for now little buns!