I cut off my hair?!

Having any sort of mental illness means that urges are strong and frustrating. For months I’ve had such a need to shave my hair off, it felt like it wasn’t even an option, it was something I had to do, but apparently people will “worry” and think I’ve “gone mad”.

 So yesterday I sat down and chopped my hair off. I didn’t go too drastic but even so it felt liberating. Just being able to cut away something that is so easy to become attached to, and forget it ever existed. If you’re contemplating this- go for it! 
Here’s my before and after- 

That was it in a pony and then a fishtail braid, probably just past my boob..

And this is it now! I’m hoping to upload the video of me cutting it off as soon as possible. Hope you like it! 

Goodbye for now little buns! 

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How to: be poor

As you can probably tell there was a little bit of sarcasm in the title but in all seriousness though I have 12p. However, being skint, doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. 

I’m the type of person who “hates everyone” (mainly when I’m in town) unless I have chosen them as a friend- some people just have no common sense and get in the way, like what are you dooooing. But yeah, the people I choose to spend time with are great and I could spend everyday with them. 

So here’s some cheap/free activities to do with your chosen people;

Go on a walk; I know this is probably pretty obvious but sometimes it’s nice to just be out the house, soaking up your surroundings and having a good chat

Girls night; now, if you’re prepared, this can be dirt cheap. Root through your freezer for food that you can cook in advance and have out to snack on. Face masks can be easily made at home with your average household kitchen items, and if a bit of a chocolate face mask accidentally drops into your mouth then you just have to eat it don’t you. I’m guessing you probably have a, or some, nail varnish- nail art can be done using toothpicks and Bobby pins, and can take some time. And lastly, chuck on a good chick flick, you can’t go wrong.

Film/post; if you’re a blogger or YouTuber, getting your friends involved in your posts or videos can be pretty fun, and free if you already have the equipment, and considering you are reading this on some sort of phone or laptop, you probably do! 

Chill; whether this is done in a park, garden, living room, some chill time is always good. Sunbathing, watching TV, or grabbing a coffee (for those with at least £2.50) is always much better with company. Recently I have been trying to meditate often,it lets your mind rest and when done with others can be quite an experience. 

I hope this fuelled your mind to think of some free activities, it’s always nice to spend time with you’re friends, family and one your love. Stay positive. Goodbye for now little buns! 


MAC Haul!

Hi Guys! As promised in my last post… Here’s my MAC haul! I planned in advance what I wanted to get and rewrote my list over and over to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted as its not often that I get that much money to spend at MAC! I watched many “MAC must haves” videos and kept my brain ticking for about a week before I decided what I wanted..so here goes! And for those who are interested, I will have links and prices to everything at the end of the post.


The first thing I got was the Fix+ and I am SO happy that I did! It also comes in the cute sparkly box which I love! Normally, regardless of the quality of my foundation, it will ALWAYS separate on my nose however using this it is set in stone. I went shopping on Sunday and then to a mini festival  and my makeup did not budge, even though I had it on from 9am until 1:30am! I am loving this product and would highly suggest it to anyone who struggles with keeping their makeup on their face!




The next thing I got was 4 eye shadows and a mini palette to put them in! I am 100% aware that these look like the exact same colour and even when I tried to swatch them the camera just did not do them any justice! However I have used this for a good 5 days on the run and had a totally different eye look every day! The colours I chose are (from right to left on my swatch but left to right in the palette (good one Chloe)) “All that glitters”, “Cork”, “Patina” and “Tempting”. The shadows are so easy to work with and very pigmented. I think that they really suit blue eyes but I can imagine them suiting every eye colour!


I had to pick up this blush in “dame”. I haven’t heard many people talk about it but it is the perfect light dusty rose colour and again I can imagine this suiting multiple, if not all skin tones. Even though it is very pale it is very pigmented and perfect for summer or any natural look.


The next thing I bought was the pro longwear concealer in NC15 which is surprisingly thin feeling even though it is very full coverage. Because I am so pale and my skin is so thin my dark circles always prove tricky to hide but this makes it 10 times easier to pretend I don’t normally look dead. I have also been using it to cover up the redness I get round my nose ring and that has been doing the trick perfectly!


I also picked up the strobe cream as I am all about that glowy skin. It feels really hydrating and gives my skin a lovely, healthy looking glow, my skin looks much less dull when I am wearing this. The woman who helped me (after waiting for an hour  for someone to be free to help me, thanks Fiona for being a good sport and waiting with me!) told me it was better value to get two little ones instead of one big one, you actually get more for less £ which we like…



The last thing I got was a frost lip stick in the colour “angel”. This is perfect for summer and is my equivalent of a nude. Once again the camera is not doing it any justice. I found that the lipstick stays on pretty well until I am eating and drinking which is pretty much the same with any lip stick.


Here is my face with it all on! I only used two eye shadows though, “All that glitters” and “Cork”.

Also, to try and show you what the colours really look like, I took a nice grainy iphone picture..


Did that help at all? Who knows, I hope so!

Prep and Prime Fix+ £15.50

Eye Shadows £10 each

Pro Palette Eye shadow x4 £5

Dame blush £18

Pro longwear concealer £17

Strobe Cream (travel size) £10

Angel Lipstick £15.50

I hope you enjoyed this post! And in case you missed my last two then I just want to say that I am in no way trying to brag, I was bought MAC gift cards for my birthday and thought it would be fun to do a haul for you guys! Anyway, I’m off to work in an hour so I should probably think of getting my lunch sorted! Goodbye for now little buns!


I got a tattoo!

Hi guys! So as you will have seen in my last post it was my 18th birthday on Friday! I had such amazing weekend and I am so overwhelmed with the amount of generosity of my family and friends and I keep looking through my presents over and over- it’s like Christmas! 

And with the money I was given I could pay my deposit for Belgium round 2 with ease! 

But one present that didn’t come packaged was this-

My brother got me a tattoo! I have always loved tattoos and how people can really express themselves through them so when Luke offered to get me one I was over the moon!

I have always loved music and am doing my grade 8 in July! Then hopefully my diploma after that! 

I just want to put it out there that anyone who says they don’t hurt is clearly lying- especially if they have one on their arm and near their elbow. It feels like a needle is being dragged through your arm and very deeply at that! BUT it is not bad enough to make me not want to get more!

It took about an hour but it was over fast! The one thing I will say is that I bled a lot. I took a before and after ofe cleaning it-


It doesn’t hurt at all though and the redness is slowly going down- I will post a fresh picture when it has healed!

I do have another Birthday post I am planning (hint… I got Mac gift cards) and I do have my joint party at the end of May! There’s a lot going on! So until my next post, goodbye for now little buns! 

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Lunch date MOTD

Hi guys! Today I am going to be showing you my makeup of the day including my new makeup revolution iconic pro palette which is the PERFECT dupe for the smash box full exposure palette! 

It has 8 matte eye shadows and 8 shimmer eye shadows and to be quite honest I am way too excited. The shadows themselves are very pigmented and easy to blend- it’s a yes from me.

Also when I say lunch date it is with a friend who is a girl so don’t get too excited.

I know you love my dressing gown. And I’m sorry that my eyebrow game is not strong today.

Let’s begin! 

First I took Luna an swept it across the lid as a base for all my other shadows.

Then I took Must and blended that in the crease, up towards my brow and in my outer corner.

I then did the same using Drama but concentrated it more in my crease to fake a shadow there.

  Next I used Afflicted in my outer corners and slightly through my crease to darken the look slightly.

I then popped Fade on the centre of my lid to keep it brighter than the rest but not too dramatic looking.

Instead I eye liner I used Pitch and smudged it into my lash line to create the look of thicker lashes.

As I my inner corner highlight I used the shade Ghost.

For my lower lash line I just used Drama along the whole of it and then blended Afflicted into the outer third.

After adding on some mascara I was done! Since I have had a lot of compliments from my friends on my go to lip recently I thought I would include it!

First I just used the body shop Mahogany lip liner on the perimeter of my lips.


Then I use the lacura  Frosty Lilac lip liner all over the top.


And to seal it in place I use the collection colour pout lip stain in the  dark purpley colour (the name has rubbed off!) 

I also just realised that my lips got more lazy throughout those pictures… Oops!

But yeah I hope you liked this little MOTD/review/tutorial and I will see you next time! Goodbye for now little buns!


Update! September 2014.

Hey Guys! I’m not sure when I last posted but it feels like it has been ages, maybe just because a lot has happened since then. Sooo here’s just a little update.

On the picture above, I had been wearing my make up from 7:30am to 6pm, please excuse it.

Last week a family friend who is Canadian but lives in Germany came over for the week and we crammed a lot in, including Alton Towers, Bowling and being drunk for two days…oops. To be fair I only had 2 hours sleep. Needless to say I had an amazing week. It absolutely flew by and I can’t wait to be able to go to Germany to see her some day (hopefully next year).

I also got a phone call from the owner of a salon/hairdressers asking me to come in for a training day, which I did, and then the day after, and the day after that! I am going into College on Monday and will be working the majority, so please forgive me if posts are staggered. I do plan to have a post up on Wednesday, hopefully nothing else gets in the way!  I also was planning on doing a “mane n tail” review next month of my hair growth but on the first day in the salon they did my hair for me! Hence why the picture above is a random selfie, I wanted to show you guys my new hair. I had noticed about a two inch growth from when I started using it on the 25th of August so I will continue to use it and keep you guys updated on how I like it! Also, after never ever using heat apart from special occasions, I now have to wear my hair out every day- aka use heat on it, wonderful.

For those people who are new to following me (hi and thank you) I left school earlier this year to focus on my mental health. At the minute I would say I am average, I have my ups and downs but doesn’t everyone? After about a week and a half of feeling great today I just broke down and cried, I haven’t even been able to eat yet, but I will, don’t worry, I don’t plan on going down that road again. I think the reality of things is just getting on top of me. As much as I love the apprenticeship I will be doing it is hard work and very fast paced, no sitting down at all and a lot to learn. For someone who gets stressed by the littlest things, that’s not the easiest job going. I also think I have costochondritis for the fourth time running. If you don’t know what that is it’s basically really bad chest pains, caused by stress, with no cure unless you stop being stressed, it’s great. Note the sarcasm there, however it does sound very exotic.

I saw Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway last night. Peter Andre sung the absolute anthem that is “Mysterious Girl” and I felt like a child again. I fancy all three of them, not going to lie.

I think I more or less covered everything, apart that I chipped two nails whilst bowling so now my nails are short again. Also four boys like me at once and I am so not interested in having a boyfriend right now, had this been any time before about march of this year I would be over the moon but right now I just can’t be bothered if I’m honest. I don’t think I’m ready. ANYHOO I hope you all have an amazing day, goodbye for now little buns!

-Rest in peace to all those to died in 9/11, gone but never forgotten-


How to make an effort without making an effort

Okay so, I don’t know about you (BUT I’M FEELING TWENTY TWOOO) but some days I really don’t want to do anything apart from sleep and eat…okay most days. However sometimes we have to look presentable and unfortunately leave our beds and ice cream behind. So, to make an effort without making an effort I like to do this quick and easy “no make up” make up look! We first want to moisturise our skin because you never know if someone will stroke it. Well, that’s not the real reason but you would be surprised how many people randomly stoke my face. I used both Nivea’s “Rich moisturising day cream” for dry and sensitive skin and Simple’s “illuminating radiance cream”. Then I used Collection’s “lasting perfection” concealer in “1- fair” to cover any bad boy blemishes and my crazy red nose and under eye circles. Then I used MUA’s face powder in shade “3” to give me some colour and a slight bit of coverage. Following that I curled my lashes and applied Benefit’s “they’re real!” mascara. For my brows I used Rimmel’s “professional eyebrow pencil” in “001- dark brown” veeeery carefully because this can go pear shaped far too easily. I just used the brush on the lid to comb them through and then applied Carmex’s “moisture plus” lip balm. Et voila!! Super quick, super affordable, and super simple! I hoped this helped by fellow lazy friends, good bye for now little buns!


How to make an effort without making an effort