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Natural…ish make up look!

Hi everyone- again, sorry for the delay in posts, everything has been so chaotic, I feel like the days are just flying by! But I will have TWO posts up for you today and hopefully a make up, hair and outfit post up on Wednesday! Anyway, let’s crack on!


Sooo here is my face (and bog eye) before touching it, take it in, like it, love it, hate it, whatever, just enjoy it (comment if you know where that’s from!!).

After putting on my usual moisturiser I applied the MAC strobe cream on where I would…willl highlight to give me the “glowing from within” thing that people are supposed to want, I don’t know.

As I primer I used the Nivea men’s post shave balm because Nikki told me to and oh my Jesus.. it’s the best discovery EVER! Your foundation will literally stick to your face and will not go anywhere.

I then used both the Illamasqua skin base and the L’oreal true match foundation in the lightest shades (surprising, I know) with a beauty blender to give me that medium-full coverage. Next I went in with my Bourjois foundation in “Dark beige” to contour and MAC pro longwear concealer in NC15 to highlight, like so…


I just blended it in using my beauty blender et voila.


Even though it’s a lot of product, it still looks natural (in my opinion). Also my nose is hideous from the side, but my cheekbone looks gooood, and that’s my bad one.

I just went over that with the bronzer, a peachy/pink blush and highlighter from the make up revolution blush palette in “sugar and spice”.


As you can see there are still no harsh lines but it just has a bit more ‘oomph’!


For my eyes I started with “drama” from the make up revolution iconic pro 1 palette and put that on my lid and the bit of my ‘eye sag’ that is hidden.


I then added “afflicted” really sloppily in my ‘crease’ and what I wish was my crease.


I then blended that out and upwards to create a nice gradient affect. And added more until I was satisfied. To balance it out I just added “afflicted” to my lower lash line too.


This is me trying to show you the hidden bit of my eye sag, I’m very professional like that.


I then used the NYC liquid eyeliner that is like a felt tip to create a thin line along my lash line to make my lashes look more voluminous and so that you know I have make up on, I want to look natural but so that you can tell I made an effort.


To finish my eyes just filled my eye brows in a bit and added the Benefit they’re real! mascara on both top and bottom lashed to make my eyes look a little bigger.


I added a mix of nude/pink and brown lip products to give me a “your lips but better” kind of colour!



Also, do you reckon I changed my hair a bit?! I was really hating my hair and close to just shaving it off and buying a wig so I went into work on Monday with a photo of a girl’s hair a liked and let Paige do what she wanted! I know that you’re definitely not reading this but if you are Paige, you are a hair God and thank you SO much.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Goodbye for now little buns!


Day time spring make up look! | Collaboration with BeautifulBreakable

Hey Everyone! Today I have a pretty exciting (well, for me anyway!) collab for you guys! Along with the amazing Jess from Beautiful, Breakable I have created a spring make up look. I chose to create the day look and Jess chose to create the night look, so go over to her blog to check it out!

So, let’s begin!


For my base I used my regular moisturiser from B and mixed that with my MAC strobe cream to ensure a dewy finish. I then mixed my L’oreal True Match foundation and my Illamasqua skin base together to make the perfect full coverage foundation that will stay on all day! To conceal and highlight I used my MAC pro longwear concealer in NC15.


To set that all in place I used my colour correcting peals from Avon, they will also help you give you the perfect dewy finish!


To give some colour to my skin and contour I used the second shade down on the right of the palette. I just popped this underneath my cheekbones, lightly down either side of my nose, along the top of my forehead, under my lip and under my jaw line. So pretty much everywhere. I also used the peach blush from this make up revolution palette to give me that healthy complexion.


For my highlighter I used this gold looking baked highligher from make up revolution. I placed this on my cheekbones, chin, brow bone, cupids bow, a little on the bridge of my nose and also used it as my inner corner highlight on my eyes. It gives a beautiful sheen and is more subtle and therefore suitable for day time.


To create my simple eye look I used the maybelline colour tattoo in “on and on bronze” and slightly blended that out. Then I lined my upper lash line with the Barry M ‘Blink’ waterproof eyeliner. Next I used the maybelline chromatics eye liner in “turn on the teal” for my waterline and blended that out slightly using a small detailed brush with a bit of my sleek “sahara” blush on it (not pictured…oops!). To finish I curled my lashed and used my Maybelline The Rocket waterproof eye liner. I really didn’t plan for my eyes to be nearly all maybelline but they know what they are doing on the eye-front!


For my brows I used my Anastasia dip brow in “dark brown” and my Maybelline brow drama in “medium brown”.


To finish the look off I just used my Tanya Burr lipgloss in “picnic in the park”. Et voila!


I hope you enjoyed this post and have some ideas for your perfect spring make up, don’t forget to hop over to Jess’ blog and check out her make up look!  You can also see my dress for my birthday party in the background… and a splodge of hairspray on my glasses. Well done me. But anyway- until next time..Goodbye for now little buns!

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Taylor Momsen inspired look!

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA this past week- a lot has happened! I will catch you up at the end of the post cause I know sometimes you just wanna get on with the look so let’s get started!! (Disclaimer, this is an inspired look so it’s not as full on as Taylor to make it more wearable)



I actually already had make up on from this morning so I just added to it by starting with my eyes (obviously, it’s Taylor Momsen inspired)

I started with “backdoor” from the Urban Decay smoked palette and just packed that on the lids and blended it upwards, making sure I put it all the way into my inner corner which is scary for us small eyed people. I repeated it again to get a more intense colour. Then I took “faint” from the UD naked basics palette and used that to blend further up my eye bags as I like to call them.This just makes the eyeshadows look more blended and ‘grungey’. (Hi blue liner)


Next I plonked “blackout” from the smoked palette onto my eye lid and blended that upwards and took it out towards the end of my eyebrow. I also put this on my bottom lash line using a pencil brush and then used my ring finger to smudge over the top.

after black

Next I added a really thin line of the Barry M Blink eye liner just along my lashline to intensify the look. I also recurled my lashes and added a little more mascara, this time using the Avon Super Shock mascara. To finish my eye region I filled in the bald spots of my eyebrows using the Anastasia Dip Brow pomade in “dark brown”.


brows filled in

Now, I didn’t put a dark liner on my waterline because my eyes are damn small but if you want to then it would look super sultry. You could even use a coloured liner to make your eyes pop!

lip liner

Then you wanna really roughly outline your lips using the collection “damson” lip pencil, not in the centre though because the lipstick is more red toned and it will create a very subtle ombre effect.

finished look

I just popped the Gerard Cosmetics “cherry cordial” lipstick over the top and BOOM WE’RE DONE.

So yeah, since last week..bare in mind this was meant to be a relaxing week off.
Thursday I had my first appointment with my therapist so that was eventful and then met up with a friend to take my mind off things, and then realised I hadn’t been paid yet and couldn’t even afford a maccies so that was fun.
Then on the Friday I had a follow up appointment for my asthma and they said I need another inhaler with steroids in, watch out for my biceps.
Saturday was my best friends 18th and that was even more eventful! But also one of the most fun nights I’ve had!!
Then on Sunday I went out with my parents in the morning and my work friends in the evening, then had a huge panic attack before I was going to bed and managed to knock my nose stud out and then spent 2 and a half hours trying to get it back in with brute force (and a frozen baby carrot to numb my nose a bit…) so then in college yesterday I was already feeling ill and was running on almost no sleep.
And then this morning I had to see my therapist again and went out shopping with my Dad and then remembered that I’m in work now until Sunday so I need to get a post up!
Also, fun fact, all but the first picture in this post are screenshots from videos because I tried to film this and failed miserably! One day I will be able to film tutorials, one day… You guys are just gonna have to stick around until then!! 😉 I hope you all have a great week and I will speak to you soon! Goodbye for now little buns!


Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation Rmeview

Hey guys! Today I am going to be reviewing Maybelline’s new foundation that has a name that is far too long. Before I start, the kind woman at boots just gave me this to dry out, I didn’t get sent this or anything so my opinions are all genuine blah blah blah let’s start.


So here is my face with nothing on it, apart from my new nose stud, HELLO! Yeah I got it done yesterday and I’m still super excited about it!

I didn’t use a primer or add a facial oil to the foundation which I have been doing for a while now because I really wanted to push this to the limits as my skin has been really dry at the minute. It looks a little better than usual as I have changed my skin care routine (Would you like to see an updated post on it?) however the winter weather is still drying it out.

The actual foundation is very thin, similar to the L’oreal eau de teint foundation which I really loved but unfortunately was too dark for me, like most foundations. Including this one. However the thin consistency made it super easy to blend out meaning that the colour matched me more with the less I actually used.

It is super lightweight and feels like you have nothing on (I just stroked my face to double check).

I would say that it is a light to medium coverage and is definitely buildable. It is very matt so if you have dry skin like me, don’t use a powder over top!


As you can see it looks like powder on the skin so be very careful you don’t get cake face. Don’t mind the corner of my lip there, it’s kinda inflamed, sob.

Also, my camera battery died so my after picture is also a picture from about 5 hours later (I went to get my nails done and cleaned the house), but it still looks exactly the same!


I also wore this foundation all day yesterday and it didn’t settle into any fine lines or dry spots by the time I’d took my make up off at around 10pm! I was super impressed with that! Out of 10 I would give this foundation an 8 just because I typically prefer a more dewy foundation and it is slightly orange toned.  *My nose stud just fell out as I pushed my glasses up and I just had to “repierce” it myself and I fainted and had to take a 20 minute break, just thought I’d let you know*
I also got both an iphone 4s to replace my samsung brick and my nails done because hell it’s valentines day and if I don’t spoil myself then who’s going to?!
Anyway I’m going to go for a nap now because I can’t feel my legs. Goodbye for now little buns!

Get pampered and ready with me!

Hi guys! I’ve had a pretty busy few weeks so I thought that today I would relax and take a little time to focus on myself.

I took inspiration from Carli Bybel and started by making myself a smoothie to make me feel good on the inside.


For this I used frozen rhubarb, one banana, one kiwi, a ton of spinach, a splodge of honey and a little bit of milk and water to make it creamy but not be just dairy. Sometimes I use unsweetened soy or almond milk but I wanted the calcium today sooo yeah. It tastes super yummy and refreshing so is great first thing in the morning or any other time when you need a little pick-me-up.

I then used the Herbal Essences Bee Strong hair mask and my fave Avon Pore Penetrating Mineral Face Mask and sat on my bed with my big fluffy dressing gown on whilst I let them do their magic. I like to catch up on any missed blog posts or youtube videos during this time, at the minute I am really loving this baes blog (and her new hair).


See? There I am, chilling.


After washing off my face mask I used this hand treatment that I found for 99p! You just leave the gloves on for 20 minutes et voila! I just rubbed in what was left on my hands and then rinsed off the excess because I had been rubbing my hands for ages.


While running my bath I decided to have breakfast food for lunch because it is my favourite. I just made some porridge and added a teaspoon of chocolate spread and then a sliced a banana, cinnamon, cocoa powder, a drizzle of honey and some chunky peanut butter on top. SO GOOD


I decided to use the last purchase from my lush haul which is the “Granny Takes A Dip” bath bomb. I’m gonna miss smelling this every time I open my drawer. It is so ‘citrusy’ and spicy, I could eat it.



It also looks amazing as you pop it into your bath, the colour literally explodes, however my bath just looked pink rather than a mix of the different colours.


Its still super lovely and makes my skin feel amazing though! I then tidied up my eyebrows and put my make up on before drying my hair and throwing it up into a bun.



You can hardly see my eye shadow here but I will put a picture up on my insta if you want to see my make up on a worse camera but not as washed out.

I then took a little trip to the shops and bought some things for Christmas so lemme just show you them real quick.


I got 2 big snowmen and 1 santa from Thorntons to go with peoples gifts, they were half price AND on 3 for 2- so £10 all together!!!


I then got my Mum some tea lights to give her them on Christmas Eve and then two samplers for my room.


Then I picked my cousin up some make up for her to play with as she’s only 12 but being related to me she loves make up. I have the Heaven & Earth palette from MUA and the pigmentation is amazing so I thought that she would love this.


And since everything was on 3 for 2 I bought myself some early Christmas presents. I will probably review the B. Replenished facial oil, I think that it will be my saviour with this cold weather but we will see! This lip combo is so vampy and dark, I have a feeling I am going to wear this all the time in winter.


Its like the perfect amount of purple and red. If you want to recreate this it is, Max Factor “Mulberry” lipstick and Collection “Damson” lip liner.

And that is about it! I am just going to go for my singing lesson now and just chill later on and watch I’m a Celeb- I also bet my Mum that Gemma would go out in the first week, she owes me a pound. Goodbye for now little buns!


Mini Haul!

So I went to get a cleanser and game back with a bit more- and pizza! To be quite honest I’m surprised that I came back with the cleanser because normally I forget what I actually went for. So- let’s dive right in!


The first thing I picked up was this absolute beauty. I don’t know how or why it works but I know that I love it. For someone with super sensitive skin this is great. There are no perfumes or alcohol (that I know of) in the product so it doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin. It also removes ALL of my makeup so effortlessly! And it’s hypoallergenic. It was around £5 but for a cleanser that I loooove in a 400ml bottle, who cares? Not me.


My second purchase was the Collection Lasting perfection concealer in “fair”. I wouldn’t say that this completely covers up my under eye circles but I am yet to find any product that does. It is fairly lightweight and very easy to blend, Its not particularly pink as well which I love because most pale products are pink toned and that just annoys me. This is my third tube so I must like it. I think this was about £3 but I don’t know because I binned the receipt immediately. REMOVE ALL EVIDENCE.


The next two things I picked up were top coats. I love the idea of making any of my nail varnish matt so I picked up one matt top coat and one normal one! They were both about £4 each, not bad, eh? The one on the right is also a base coat and a nail hardener- bonus! These are both by Barry M because I just LOVE their nail varnishes, especially the gelly nails, I can’t get enough of them! If you don’t own any Barry M product please try any of the gelly nails colours, please? I promise you will fall in love.


This next thing I got is kinda random. My Dad loves this anti-perspirant but won’t buy it because its nearly £4. I felt like I should buy him something because the other day I went to go the loo and my phone fell out of my pocket and some how slid underneath the bath, meaning he had to take off the side panel to get my phone out. He won’t let me get him chocolates so now he can smell nice instead.


I got these two for my little cousin, she’s like the sister I never had. Because she’s only 12 I don’t want to full on splurge on makeup for her but I did pick these two up….and order an eyeshadow and concealer palette online, whoops.  These were only £1 each! The lipstick is a gorgeous creamy coral colour in the shade “nectar”- cute – and the blusher is, as you can see, a plain pick colour in the shade “bubble gum”. I am so happy that they have started to properly name their products instead of them just being numbers, go MUA! 


Whilst I was in that section I spotted this matt lipstick. I got it in the colour “wild berry” as I am loving dark grungey colours at the moment. I know that I am going to wear it constantly in Autumn and Winter! I was a little disappointed when I swatched it though.


It is still a beautiful colour, but just not as dark as I had hoped, at all. 

And that is it! If you were wondering what colour nail varnish I had, well, have on it is just the Barry M matt black- surprise, surprise. I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a great day, goodbye for now little buns!