Review: MAC “False Lashes” Extreme Black Mascara

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing the Mac ‘False lashes extreme black mascara’ as it says right there^. Bit of a long name I know. I applied for the free sample of it and it arrived about a week later, without warning- I have to say I was a very happy girl.

But, is it worth the hype?

It has an “inky, mousse-like formula” and does feel very lightweight which I love. Even though it gives my lashes loads of length they don’t hit my glasses and surprisingly still look natural.

There is no distinct smell to this product which is nice because I don’t want anything smelly going anywhere near my eyes.


As you can see it has quite a large brush but it isn’t overwhelming at all, even on my tiny eyes! One thing I would say though is that it is very easy for the mascara to transfer onto your eye lids (especially if they are hooded) when you first apply it because the formula is so wet.

Please ignore my eyebrows in these before and after pictures, I promise you they don’t look that drawn on in person!



The mascara made a huge difference to my bare eyelashes and even made me look more awake, despite those awful bags under my eyes!

Personally I don’t think that this mascara gives much volume but paired with a thin stroke of eye liner it looks simple and beautiful!

The only thing that I don’t like about this mascara is that it comes off so easily if you cry or have watery eyes, I was in work the other day and my chest was really killing which made my eyes water a bit and there was mascara all underneath my eyes, I looked like a panda…in pain. Not nice.

So what I have been doing is putting my usual maybelline ‘the rocket’ waterproof mascara over the top.


This gives my lashes a little more volume and stops the mascara from escaping my lashes completely!

The MAC false lashes extreme black mascara retails at £19 which is a little steep but I would purchase it in a heartbeat if they had a waterproof option!

Overall I would rate this product an 8/10, the only ‘faults’ with it are that it isn’t waterproof and doesn’t give much volume, other than that though, I love it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time, goodbye for now little buns!

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Lunch date MOTD

Hi guys! Today I am going to be showing you my makeup of the day including my new makeup revolution iconic pro palette which is the PERFECT dupe for the smash box full exposure palette! 

It has 8 matte eye shadows and 8 shimmer eye shadows and to be quite honest I am way too excited. The shadows themselves are very pigmented and easy to blend- it’s a yes from me.

Also when I say lunch date it is with a friend who is a girl so don’t get too excited.

I know you love my dressing gown. And I’m sorry that my eyebrow game is not strong today.

Let’s begin! 

First I took Luna an swept it across the lid as a base for all my other shadows.

Then I took Must and blended that in the crease, up towards my brow and in my outer corner.

I then did the same using Drama but concentrated it more in my crease to fake a shadow there.

  Next I used Afflicted in my outer corners and slightly through my crease to darken the look slightly.

I then popped Fade on the centre of my lid to keep it brighter than the rest but not too dramatic looking.

Instead I eye liner I used Pitch and smudged it into my lash line to create the look of thicker lashes.

As I my inner corner highlight I used the shade Ghost.

For my lower lash line I just used Drama along the whole of it and then blended Afflicted into the outer third.

After adding on some mascara I was done! Since I have had a lot of compliments from my friends on my go to lip recently I thought I would include it!

First I just used the body shop Mahogany lip liner on the perimeter of my lips.


Then I use the lacura  Frosty Lilac lip liner all over the top.


And to seal it in place I use the collection colour pout lip stain in the  dark purpley colour (the name has rubbed off!) 

I also just realised that my lips got more lazy throughout those pictures… Oops!

But yeah I hope you liked this little MOTD/review/tutorial and I will see you next time! Goodbye for now little buns!

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How I whitened my teeth! (and review)

Hi guys! This has been a very long awaited post and I just decided that now is the time to do it. I know this all sounds very dramatic and like I’m moving half way across the world or something but I have a lot of teeth and corner of my mouth (they get very dry.. not my teeth, the corners of my mouth) insecurities so please be gentle…

So, getting on with the post! There is absolutely no surprise as to what I used to whiten my teeth as I think everyone and their dog has used these.


TA DAAa- how surprised are you? Come on, I know there was a little gasp somewhere. As you can see these are the crest 3D white luxe professional effects whitening strips. That was a mouthful and a half. I chose these ones as they remove 14 years of stains and me being 18 next week, that’s like three quarters of my life. and in case you couldn’t tell- I have a couple scars on my teeth from when I was a baby and I fell over and my teeth went through my bottom lip, yep.

The box arrived a little battered because it had travelled from America but the contents of it were fine so I’m not too bothered.


You get 20 sets of strips in total and as you can tell I have “used” 14. I use the term used kind of loosely because the last four times I have done it it has hurt and I have had to remove the strips immediately. Not so good. However, I don’t think I have used them in at least 7 months and my teeth have stayed white which is great!

You just pop them on the front of your teeth and then fold them underneath. Leave them for half an our before you take them off and then boom you’re done! I wash my mouth out afterwards to get rid of any gel that has stuck to my teeth and then I just carry on with my day.

Obviously you cannot eat whilst you’re wearing them but drinking water is fine (and quite refreshing) whilst you have them on.

So here is the before-


Aaaand the after


I know that the first one was taken with the flash on because I took it when I got them (my birthday last year) but hey what can you do about it. Also its really difficult to smile and show your top and bottom teeth without looking like a bit of a weirdo.

As you can tell my teeth are significantly whiter and my scar on my front tooth is a lot less noticeable than it was (YAY). In between my two front teeth is still a little dark but its confusing because its also a little gap so there is always a shadow as well.

I do plan on using the rest of the strips but I am just going to use them on the odd occasion as my teeth are naturally really sensitive. Like, watching someone bite ice cream makes me cringe.

Overall I would give these whitening strips a 7 out of 10- I knocked points off because of the fact that it began to be painful, they taste a bit funny and I think they’re about £50-£60. I know that it is cheap compared to getting your teeth professionally whitened but for that price I want them not to hurt and the box to be well packaged.

So that is all for today, Goodbye for now little buns!

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How to & review: Eylure Pro Brow dye kit

Hi everyone! Today I tinted my eyebrows so I thought I would make a post on it I mean, why not? I have used this a couple times and also done my Mums eyebrows with it so I felt like now was a good time.

As you all know I do suffer from bald spots in my eyebrows, its a horrible disease that many people are effected by but it can be disguised and tinting those almost white hairs that  are the only things that sit in your bald spots is absolutely necessary.


It comes with the colour, the activator, a little white stick which I just use to mix it together and a handy dandy spoolie which helps for a quick and easy application.

Me being me, I lost the instructions a while back, so I just use the “sensitivity test” on the back of the box as a guideline. It says to mix 1cm of colour with 3 drops of the activator so I did just over 1cm with 4 drops because I like to really slap it on- like this…


I just use the spoolie to comb it through my brows and then clean up with a cotton bud if necessary. I think I left it for 5 minutes last time which for me wasn’t enough, so this time I left it for 7 minutes before washing it off with a flannel and warm water. It doesn’t really stain your skin so don’t worry to much if your application was a little messy, like mine.

eylure tint

Et voila! My brows still look natural but a lot fuller, which is what I am after! And I know its hard to tell in the photo but the tail of my brow is a lot more visible! And I don’t quite know why my face is so red on the first picture but it does kind of make my bald spots harder to make out, which I didn’t notice until now- well done Chloe, well done.

The actual colour of them is a lot more of a rich, warm brown rather than a mousey, dirty brown- which is always nice! It also makes it a lot easier when I am colouring my eyebrows in. It lasts for up to 6 weeks which is great as we all know I am super lazy so I can just forget about them for a month and a half!

The tint doesn’t really have any smell to it so it won’t make you hesitate before putting it on your face. I think the kit cost me £7 but it will probably last me until near the end of this year so I don’t really mind at all!

Overall I would definitely buy it again and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy eyebrow tint to do at home!

Now- a little explanation as to where I have been the past few weeks.. About 2 weeks ago I had a talk with my boss about college and told her how it makes me feel uncomfortable and I panic and panic about it from Tuesday to Sunday. I also had to tell her about my treatment I am getting and exactly what for and how that is making college even more difficult to attend. Luckily she is very understanding and kind and has offered me part time work, starting this week, while they look for another apprentice, so last week I was in work 5 days, sorting out avon, going to my therapist and still trying to see friends and go to rehearsals, hence the very short post! I was also supposed to have my last therapy session the other day but my scores are still too high so I have to go on another waiting list to see someone who is higher up and can offer me more sessions that are longer too! So everything has been pretty hectic but everything should be back to normal now!

If you managed to make it to the end of all my waffling then well done! I hope you all have a great week and take care of yourselves, good bye for now little buns!

PS. I think I might get a Hamster

PSS. What should I call it? My last one was called flump so if you can think of any cute, weird names then I would be super grateful if you left them in the comments below.

PSSS. Look out for my lil hammy on my instagram and probs in my next post!! Okay I’m leaving now…

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Makeup Revolution Amazing Care Lipsticks!

I left out the #happylips bit because cringe. Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be doing a little review on the Amazing Care lipstick collection by Makeup Revolution. I feel like Makeup Revolution are like MUA but better- still cheap and chearful, but with that little bit more quality and style.

There are five colours in the range so at £3 each I obviously bought them all. I mean, why not?

The formula is enriched with Argan Oil so is super hydrating and moisturising for your lips so is essential for people like me who have super chapped lips right now. Damn you cold, damn you.


As you can see, the lipstick-y bit is in the centre and the smooth argan oil layer surrounds it. As you can also see, I need to get my nails redone. I know. The packaging is quite nice for the price but I think I prefer the boxes they came in…

Okay so, down to business- swatches.



In order these are, Electric Love, Love a hug, Love pink!, Love red! and Love nude! There’s a lot of love going on.
I took these in different lighting because the camera is not forgiving at all! The colours do look rather sheer but I think that is because its like when you wear a lipstick and a lip balm- the colour is never going to be SUPER intense. Well, for £3 it’s not.

I also tried each colour on because I am just that nice. Please ignore how wonky my lips are and the dry skin around my nose… So in the same order-

Electric Love

Love a hug

Love pink!

Love red!

Love nude!

I personally love (see what I did there?) all of these colours and the pigmentation, they are so easy to just whack on for day to day wear. One thing I would say though is that, like a lip balm, these will just slide off. In saying that- I wore Love nude! When I was shopping today and didn’t have to reapply it until I had eaten, before that it had lasted 3 hours and still looked lovely.

So yeah, overall I am super happy with these and yes these were bought with my own money and I’m not sponsored or anything- all opinions are my own!! If you have tried them out, let me know what you think! I’m also wearing a new foundation which I have fell in love with- let me know if you would like to hear about that too! Until next time, goodbye for now little buns!

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Yuzu & Cocoa Review!

As a quick and special Tuesday night bonus post I thought I would review the Yuzu & Cocoa bubbleroon (what the hellllll is that meant to mean????).

This ‘bubbleroon’ is made with both coconut oil and shea butter so is great for smoothing out dry skin, like, when I got out the bath I was just sat stroking my arm because WOW THE SOFTNESS. It also didn’t irritate my sensitive skin YAY PEOPLE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN CAN HAVE NICE THINGS. Also the smell lingers and it is heavenly. I would describe it as a citrus-vanilla-chocolate-cream smell, you know? It’s such a soothing and comforting smell but I can’t quite do descriptions. Even after having a super poop day and feeling like my heart was gonna beat out of my chest, I felt calm and found it easier to get to sleep.

As you have already seen it turns your bath a lovely yellow colour, it also doesn’t stain the bath which is an absolute God-send. There is just something that the child in me loves about colourful baths, but not cleaning up afterwards.

One thing I would say about this ‘bubbleroon’ is that there aren’t many bubbles, I used the whole thing and there were only a few surface bubbles so I was a little disappointed with that. Maybe I just can’t crumble it properly, who knows. This was slightly more on the ‘pricey’ side, using ‘pricey’ very loosely, being £3.65. At the same time though I would repurchase it again quite happily.

I am planning on buying out the whole of Lush when I do my Christmas shopping so start preparing yourself for that giant haul now. I think I’m done with this review, I have stretched it out as much as I can.

If you wanna see a bit more of me (ooh, cheeky) my instagram is @chlofrench
If you wanna hear a bit more of me (ooh, cheeky) then head on over to my soundcloud!


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Maybelline colour tattoo review!

Why hello there… Because I am always about 5 years behind everyone else, I thought I would review something that everyone has already reviewed and used up and forgotten about because, why not? Also, please ignore my acrylics, the nail varnish has chipped a tad and my nails grow very fast- like, that is one weeks growth w h a t.

SO, I got the same colour as everyone else (on and on bronze) because I am predictable and if you have blue eyes apparently you should only wear brown shadow. Boring but true.

I was very hesitant to try these out because eye shadow lasts about 2 seconds on my lids without a primer so I didn’t think that something already slippy would stay on, but I was very happily mistaken.


As you can see, it is definitely bronze. And my gosh the shimmer is so shimmery. LOOK AT ME AND MY VOCAB. So yeah, I am super happy with the colour pay off however it does fade slightly during the day but considering it takes 2 seconds to put on, I’m not too bothered.

maybelline colour tattoo

This is it on my eye after about 8 hours wear, no creasing even though I put it on my eye sags (or whatever the technical term is). I was also wearing something else to vamp up my eye make-up a bit and because I’m a huge fan of posts with pictures in, I made you all a little something…


But yeah, big up Maybelline for this one. It takes me 2 minutes to put them on, I don’t need a primer, they blend naturally and look stunning. I think I have worn this for a good 2 weeks solid. I also bought one in “Metallic Pomegranate” which noticeably fades throughout the day but not enough to make me not wear it.

I don’t really know what else to say but I don’t want to go yet… I just bought myself a Christmas present which was an absolute BARGIN, like please click here to see what I bought and also buy them ASAP!! (I promise this isn’t sponsored) My friend was bought them for the original price and wow okay the quality is amaze, it’s over 80% off and you get a further 10% off the new price plus the shipping if you follow them on twitter, like them on facebook OR sign up for the mailing list. WHY HAVEN’T YOU CLICKED THE LINK YET????  IT OPENS A NEW TAB, I PROMISE. You also don’t need to get them in bright pink but, then again, why wouldn’t you want them in bright pink? THEY ARE ALSO VEGAN FRIENDLY WHAAAAAAT.

I should get paid for the amount of praise I give. But I am just so excited about the amount of money saving and how we could all have matching things (I won’t mention it just in case you haven’t clicked the link). Or even if you got it as a present for, I don’t know, your niece or something and then you can be like “You have the same _____ as some randomer online who told me to buy you these” and idk maybe they would find that cool. Okay seriously if you haven’t clicked the link by now you are just getting on my nerves, click the damn thing.

Also, about us having matching things, that is nearly 100 of you guys…. NEARLY 100. I really don’t know why you all chose to follow me and read my posts but you guys are the cooliest.


So yeah before this post gets any more weird, or I die from enthusiasm, I’m gonna end it. Have a great week and Goodbye for now little buns!