Okay so I was having a fab time when I found a “beauty outlet” shop with Stila products that were practically half price, I grabbed a ton of it and just before paying texted my mum to check if it was vegan. 

But no, they decide to rub make up in little bunnies eyes to make sure we can slap it on our face. When did our vanity become more important than an animals quality of life? It pisses me right off. 

But anyway I got some B. face wipes which I ran out of decades ago so my face will thank me for that. 

I’m thinking of doing a giveaway at 250 followers, what kind of things would you be interested in? Let me know! 

Goodbye for now little buns! 


6 thoughts on “WHY 

  1. Helen Ashleigh says:

    Aww you’re joking?! 😦 I haven’t bought anything from them (luckily) but I thought they were cruelty free x

      • I think they’re trying to change it, but it’s going to take a loooong time. And because there’s so many big companies like L’oreal who test on animals regardless it just makes it that bit harder😩xx

      • Helen Ashleigh says:

        Yeah I think it will too :(. Urgh it’s so annoying! If companies like that actually took their products out of the countries that test it would change so much quicker! Xx

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