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Carry On Essentials | Collab with Rawan

Hey guys! Today I am going to be telling you what my ‘carry on’ essentials are. With the weather how it is in the UK, I’m guessing most people probably want to escape to somewhere warmer asap! This is a collab with the amazing Rawan, don’t forget to visit her blog after you’ve read this post and see what her carry on essentials are!

First things first, I always need to remember to take both English and foreign money, because let’s be honest, I can’t resist a bit of airport shopping. And depending on what time and how long you are there; food. Who am I kidding its always time for food.

Something that is always a must on aeroplanes, a jumper. I don’t know why, but no matter how many layers I put on, I am always freezing. It also doubles as a pillow if you  somehow aren’t cold. BINGO.


Another thing that I always notice on planes, everything feels dry. Face, lips, hands, EVERYTHING. So for me it is absolutely necessary to take lip balm and a nourishing face cream at the very least. And the great thing is that you can always spot treat certain spots on your face if you have any problem areas.

I mean, its pretty obvious that today the majority of people will always have their phone on them, but headphones, they can be easily forgotten. And unless you want to pay an absurd amount for them on the plane, or listen to the guy next to you snoring, don’t forget to pack them!


There’s no other way to say it, planes are boring. And there is no way I can sit there unless I have a lot of entertainment. If I’m not colouring, I am forcing people to play ‘boy/girl’. Or writing about some sh*t, who knows.

And just in case, DO NOT forget any medication, just don’t.


Yeah, planes are dirty. Be the ‘Mum’ and take hand sanitiser and tissues, someone always needs a tissue.

If you’re anything like me, your ears just cannot deal with the whole ‘taking off’ and ‘landing’ situation. So hard boiled sweets, or mints to make you feel ‘fresh’, are an absolute must.


And my favourite thing to bring- slippers and/or fluffy socks. My circulation SUCKS so if I want to still have feeling in my feet, they need to be toasty. And the comfort is just unreal. I am a fan.

PS don’t forget your passport or ticket, but I felt like that was pretty standard. Like you definitely need that.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to head on over to Rawan’s blog to check out her post! Goodbye for now little buns! x

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Hello 2016

It’s  been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry for not posting in a while, I feel like I’ve ran out of blogging ideas! I have got a planner so hopefully everything will  be more organised and weekly posts will be back! If you have any ideas though, please throw them this way! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, and celebrated it with the people you care about most. I uploaded a YouTube video yesterday about how I am starting the New Year, it is very different to what I normally post but I felt like it was necessary. If you would like to check it out, click here

I also put on like half a stone over Christmas WOO

Anyways, until next time (which won’t be months and months away, I promise), goodbye for now little buns! x