Review: Superdrug sensitive wax strips

Hi everyone! Sorry for the short delay in posts, I feel like I have ran out of ideas! However the other day I decided to test out these wax strips so that if they were any good I could use them before I go on holiday. 

The strips are super easy to use, you just warm them in between your hands for about 30 seconds, pull them apart and then slap it on your leg! Then just leave it until you think the wax has properly gripped and rip it off in the opposite direction of your hair growth. 

The pain is just kind of annoying, like when you graze your knee, but if it only lasted for like 10 seconds. They come with soothing wipes which are quite oily so don’t rub any areas you haven’t waxed yet. 

I felt like not much hair was eliminated and was kind of pissed off that I had to do the other leg (it takes a while) to even them out. I still ended up shaving my leg afterwards.

One thing I would say is that as my leg hair has grown back there is obviously a lot less of it so my legs still feel pretty smooth. 

I’m sure these were only like £3 a pack and I still have more than one packet left after doing up to my knee on both legs, I would try these again but only if I felt it was absolutely necessary. 

Have you tried these out? Or any other at home waxing kits? Let me know in the comments! Goodbye for now little buns! 


4 thoughts on “Review: Superdrug sensitive wax strips

  1. Great review… I think for the price tag they sound a decent enough find though I’m sooo not a fan of waxing… the pain terrifies me too much lol Think I’ll stick to good old shaving 😉 Karen XX

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