Bikini haul?!

Hello again! Now if you know me, then you know I have only ever owned one bikini, when I was nine and I think I maybe might have worn it once under a t-shirt.BUT in September I am going to Menorca and I think that just once I should tan my belly. And hopefully I will have lost more weight by then! But if not I need to stop caring about what other people think of me anyways. Just FYI these are all from Matalan cause I was actually trying to find a dress but it wasn’t gonna happen.


Firstly I picked up is this beautiful black cross over bikini top with lovely gold detailing on the straps. I love black as it just goes with anything and it so easy to wear- this was only £1.50!


The second top I picked up was this gorgeous bright red one with the halter top. Again I know I can match this with a lot of things and although I don’t really like to wear colour I think this will look lovely! This wasn’t in the sale but only cost £5.


The next thing I picked up were these simple black bottoms with the detachable ties on the sides, I know that these will look great with both tops, these were also £5.


I picked these guys up for the exact same reason- they match with both. I mean and the fact that they were only £1.50!


I think these bottoms might be my favourite! I’ll probably wear these with my black top but they would go lovely with the red top if I wanted to pair them together! Somehow, these were only £1!


I really took the plunge with these last ones. I think that they will look SO cute with the red top but again would match the black one if I really wanted to match them together!


They also have slight gather to make your butt look great and the most adorable little bow right on your bum bum. Again these were only £1!

I hope you liked this little haul and it inspired you to pick up some things yourself! Have a great week, goodbye for now little buns!


4 thoughts on “Bikini haul?!

  1. V says:

    Yay for bikini haul. The only thing I hate about wearing them is that my belly is so pale compared to the rest of me, haha

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