Prom makeup 2015

Hey everyone! I’ve just done my cousin and her friend’s make up and I thought I would briefly go through it! 

For Alice’s makeup she wanted it a bit more full on so I went with a gold smokey eye with a navy accent to match her dress.

Excuse the glasses mark! To get a nice crisp line I just aligned some cellotape with where her eyebrow would end because I didn’t want to angle it too far upwards.

On her lips I used a plumb lipstick and gloss to complement her dress and not be too over the top with her eye makeup.

For Becky’s make up it was more natural looking so I used the smashbox liquid halo foundation to give a light coverage & kept everything pretty light apart from the lipstick. I just filled her brows in lightly and didn’t really alter the shape of them so that she didn’t feel too done up.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and got a little inspiration! Good bye for now little buns!


8 thoughts on “Prom makeup 2015

  1. Aww, they look beautiful and you’re really good with make-up! I I like the way you did Alice’s smokey eyes! I hope they had a wonderful prom, keep it up!

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