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Make up, Hair and Outfit! | Graduation

Hi everyone! And no, it’s not my graduation, I’m not that smart. So anyways, this is my make up, hair and outift post from my brothers graduation you probably guessed by the title.


As per usual, here’s my before face. I moisturised and used my MAC strobe cream all over to give me that dewy look.


After applying my Illamasqua skin base with a smidgen of my bourjois foundation as I tanned a little the day before, I just went in with my MAC pro longwear concealer in NC15 to highlight because I’m not completely predictable at all.


I then used a teeny tiny bit of bronzer to contour my cheekbones, a light dusting of a dark pink blush to give me some colour and then applied both Benefits high beam and my usual make up revolution powder highlight using the ‘strobing’ method.


After priming my eyes with the Nars smudge proof eyeshadow primer I put “Backdoor” out of the Urban Decay Smoked palette in my outer corner and crease.


I then blended that out to remove any harsh lines and added more if I felt it was necessary


Next I used “Barlust” for my outer lid colour and “mushroom” as I got closer to my inner corners.


I then placed “backdoor” on my lower lash line and blended that out. To finish I lined my eyes with the Avon extend felt tip liner and then used both my MAC falsh lashes extreme black mascara and then my maybelline the rocket waterproof mascara to make sure it didn’t run down my face. I also filled in my eyebrows with the anastasia dip brow pomade in “dark brown” and set them with the maybelline brow drama.


I just popped on my go to lip colour and was done with my make up!


For my hair I just curled it using the Babyliss diamond curls wand and tied back the front pieces of my hair so that my head didn’t look too massive!


For my outfit I wore this black, long sleeved midi(?) dress from next that was on sale for £9, my new look denim jacket, a silver necklace from Matalan that was on sale for £4, a black clutch that was gifted to me, a black hat from next that was also on sale for £10 and I actually had two different pairs of black heeled boots that I switched between!


You can kind of get the jist a bit in this picture! It ended up being a little too windy for the hat.

So I hope that you liked this post and got a few ideas for any up and coming events! Until next time, goodbye for now little buns!


Bikini haul?!

Hello again! Now if you know me, then you know I have only ever owned one bikini, when I was nine and I think I maybe might have worn it once under a t-shirt.BUT in September I am going to Menorca and I think that just once I should tan my belly. And hopefully I will have lost more weight by then! But if not I need to stop caring about what other people think of me anyways. Just FYI these are all from Matalan cause I was actually trying to find a dress but it wasn’t gonna happen.


Firstly I picked up is this beautiful black cross over bikini top with lovely gold detailing on the straps. I love black as it just goes with anything and it so easy to wear- this was only £1.50!


The second top I picked up was this gorgeous bright red one with the halter top. Again I know I can match this with a lot of things and although I don’t really like to wear colour I think this will look lovely! This wasn’t in the sale but only cost £5.


The next thing I picked up were these simple black bottoms with the detachable ties on the sides, I know that these will look great with both tops, these were also £5.


I picked these guys up for the exact same reason- they match with both. I mean and the fact that they were only £1.50!


I think these bottoms might be my favourite! I’ll probably wear these with my black top but they would go lovely with the red top if I wanted to pair them together! Somehow, these were only £1!


I really took the plunge with these last ones. I think that they will look SO cute with the red top but again would match the black one if I really wanted to match them together!


They also have slight gather to make your butt look great and the most adorable little bow right on your bum bum. Again these were only £1!

I hope you liked this little haul and it inspired you to pick up some things yourself! Have a great week, goodbye for now little buns!

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Natural…ish make up look!

Hi everyone- again, sorry for the delay in posts, everything has been so chaotic, I feel like the days are just flying by! But I will have TWO posts up for you today and hopefully a make up, hair and outfit post up on Wednesday! Anyway, let’s crack on!


Sooo here is my face (and bog eye) before touching it, take it in, like it, love it, hate it, whatever, just enjoy it (comment if you know where that’s from!!).

After putting on my usual moisturiser I applied the MAC strobe cream on where I would…willl highlight to give me the “glowing from within” thing that people are supposed to want, I don’t know.

As I primer I used the Nivea men’s post shave balm because Nikki told me to and oh my Jesus.. it’s the best discovery EVER! Your foundation will literally stick to your face and will not go anywhere.

I then used both the Illamasqua skin base and the L’oreal true match foundation in the lightest shades (surprising, I know) with a beauty blender to give me that medium-full coverage. Next I went in with my Bourjois foundation in “Dark beige” to contour and MAC pro longwear concealer in NC15 to highlight, like so…


I just blended it in using my beauty blender et voila.


Even though it’s a lot of product, it still looks natural (in my opinion). Also my nose is hideous from the side, but my cheekbone looks gooood, and that’s my bad one.

I just went over that with the bronzer, a peachy/pink blush and highlighter from the make up revolution blush palette in “sugar and spice”.


As you can see there are still no harsh lines but it just has a bit more ‘oomph’!


For my eyes I started with “drama” from the make up revolution iconic pro 1 palette and put that on my lid and the bit of my ‘eye sag’ that is hidden.


I then added “afflicted” really sloppily in my ‘crease’ and what I wish was my crease.


I then blended that out and upwards to create a nice gradient affect. And added more until I was satisfied. To balance it out I just added “afflicted” to my lower lash line too.


This is me trying to show you the hidden bit of my eye sag, I’m very professional like that.


I then used the NYC liquid eyeliner that is like a felt tip to create a thin line along my lash line to make my lashes look more voluminous and so that you know I have make up on, I want to look natural but so that you can tell I made an effort.


To finish my eyes just filled my eye brows in a bit and added the Benefit they’re real! mascara on both top and bottom lashed to make my eyes look a little bigger.


I added a mix of nude/pink and brown lip products to give me a “your lips but better” kind of colour!



Also, do you reckon I changed my hair a bit?! I was really hating my hair and close to just shaving it off and buying a wig so I went into work on Monday with a photo of a girl’s hair a liked and let Paige do what she wanted! I know that you’re definitely not reading this but if you are Paige, you are a hair God and thank you SO much.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Goodbye for now little buns!


Prom makeup 2015

Hey everyone! I’ve just done my cousin and her friend’s make up and I thought I would briefly go through it! 

For Alice’s makeup she wanted it a bit more full on so I went with a gold smokey eye with a navy accent to match her dress.

Excuse the glasses mark! To get a nice crisp line I just aligned some cellotape with where her eyebrow would end because I didn’t want to angle it too far upwards.

On her lips I used a plumb lipstick and gloss to complement her dress and not be too over the top with her eye makeup.

For Becky’s make up it was more natural looking so I used the smashbox liquid halo foundation to give a light coverage & kept everything pretty light apart from the lipstick. I just filled her brows in lightly and didn’t really alter the shape of them so that she didn’t feel too done up.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and got a little inspiration! Good bye for now little buns!