I got a tattoo!

Hi guys! So as you will have seen in my last post it was my 18th birthday on Friday! I had such amazing weekend and I am so overwhelmed with the amount of generosity of my family and friends and I keep looking through my presents over and over- it’s like Christmas! 

And with the money I was given I could pay my deposit for Belgium round 2 with ease! 

But one present that didn’t come packaged was this-

My brother got me a tattoo! I have always loved tattoos and how people can really express themselves through them so when Luke offered to get me one I was over the moon!

I have always loved music and am doing my grade 8 in July! Then hopefully my diploma after that! 

I just want to put it out there that anyone who says they don’t hurt is clearly lying- especially if they have one on their arm and near their elbow. It feels like a needle is being dragged through your arm and very deeply at that! BUT it is not bad enough to make me not want to get more!

It took about an hour but it was over fast! The one thing I will say is that I bled a lot. I took a before and after ofe cleaning it-


It doesn’t hurt at all though and the redness is slowly going down- I will post a fresh picture when it has healed!

I do have another Birthday post I am planning (hint… I got Mac gift cards) and I do have my joint party at the end of May! There’s a lot going on! So until my next post, goodbye for now little buns! 


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