Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation Rmeview

Hey guys! Today I am going to be reviewing Maybelline’s new foundation that has a name that is far too long. Before I start, the kind woman at boots just gave me this to dry out, I didn’t get sent this or anything so my opinions are all genuine blah blah blah let’s start.


So here is my face with nothing on it, apart from my new nose stud, HELLO! Yeah I got it done yesterday and I’m still super excited about it!

I didn’t use a primer or add a facial oil to the foundation which I have been doing for a while now because I really wanted to push this to the limits as my skin has been really dry at the minute. It looks a little better than usual as I have changed my skin care routine (Would you like to see an updated post on it?) however the winter weather is still drying it out.

The actual foundation is very thin, similar to the L’oreal eau de teint foundation which I really loved but unfortunately was too dark for me, like most foundations. Including this one. However the thin consistency made it super easy to blend out meaning that the colour matched me more with the less I actually used.

It is super lightweight and feels like you have nothing on (I just stroked my face to double check).

I would say that it is a light to medium coverage and is definitely buildable. It is very matt so if you have dry skin like me, don’t use a powder over top!


As you can see it looks like powder on the skin so be very careful you don’t get cake face. Don’t mind the corner of my lip there, it’s kinda inflamed, sob.

Also, my camera battery died so my after picture is also a picture from about 5 hours later (I went to get my nails done and cleaned the house), but it still looks exactly the same!


I also wore this foundation all day yesterday and it didn’t settle into any fine lines or dry spots by the time I’d took my make up off at around 10pm! I was super impressed with that! Out of 10 I would give this foundation an 8 just because I typically prefer a more dewy foundation and it is slightly orange toned.  *My nose stud just fell out as I pushed my glasses up and I just had to “repierce” it myself and I fainted and had to take a 20 minute break, just thought I’d let you know*
I also got both an iphone 4s to replace my samsung brick and my nails done because hell it’s valentines day and if I don’t spoil myself then who’s going to?!
Anyway I’m going to go for a nap now because I can’t feel my legs. Goodbye for now little buns!

18 thoughts on “Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation Rmeview

  1. Your nose stud looks soO fab on you! You totally look like its been there for years! You have the perfect nose for piercing and the little diamond compliments your pretty face. Don’t let your nose stud pop out again, it is now part of your pretty face.

    Your face would really “pop” with “Smokey Eye” makeup accentuating your cute nose stud making you look super sexy.


  2. You are extremely talented and creative with eye makeup! Looking back in your blog inspired me to try some of your stunning beautiful looks.

    Would love to see your version of Taylor Momsen’s “Smokey Eye” look on your blog. Consider starting a YouTube channel with makeup tutorials and some still photos on your blog as teasers.


    • Aw thank you so much!!! I would still post on my blog as well as youtube videos, I just tried to film one but I was so awkward, when I watched it I was bored by the end! I’ll keep practising though!

  3. sshhbeauty says:

    I love the nose stud Chloe!
    Another great post; I must give this foundation a go. It sounds like my preferred finish!
    I’m going to persuade one of the assistants in Boots to give me a sample haha 🙂 x

  4. shy_lifestyle says:

    What a nice review! You are very honest and that’s what I like about beauty bloggers! You are a beautiful person and you look amazing with your nose stud. Hearts from Belgium!

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