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Makeup Revolution Amazing Care Lipsticks!

I left out the #happylips bit because cringe. Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be doing a little review on the Amazing Care lipstick collection by Makeup Revolution. I feel like Makeup Revolution are like MUA but better- still cheap and chearful, but with that little bit more quality and style.

There are five colours in the range so at £3 each I obviously bought them all. I mean, why not?

The formula is enriched with Argan Oil so is super hydrating and moisturising for your lips so is essential for people like me who have super chapped lips right now. Damn you cold, damn you.


As you can see, the lipstick-y bit is in the centre and the smooth argan oil layer surrounds it. As you can also see, I need to get my nails redone. I know. The packaging is quite nice for the price but I think I prefer the boxes they came in…

Okay so, down to business- swatches.



In order these are, Electric Love, Love a hug, Love pink!, Love red! and Love nude! There’s a lot of love going on.
I took these in different lighting because the camera is not forgiving at all! The colours do look rather sheer but I think that is because its like when you wear a lipstick and a lip balm- the colour is never going to be SUPER intense. Well, for £3 it’s not.

I also tried each colour on because I am just that nice. Please ignore how wonky my lips are and the dry skin around my nose… So in the same order-

Electric Love

Love a hug

Love pink!

Love red!

Love nude!

I personally love (see what I did there?) all of these colours and the pigmentation, they are so easy to just whack on for day to day wear. One thing I would say though is that, like a lip balm, these will just slide off. In saying that- I wore Love nude! When I was shopping today and didn’t have to reapply it until I had eaten, before that it had lasted 3 hours and still looked lovely.

So yeah, overall I am super happy with these and yes these were bought with my own money and I’m not sponsored or anything- all opinions are my own!! If you have tried them out, let me know what you think! I’m also wearing a new foundation which I have fell in love with- let me know if you would like to hear about that too! Until next time, goodbye for now little buns!

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Taylor Momsen inspired look!

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA this past week- a lot has happened! I will catch you up at the end of the post cause I know sometimes you just wanna get on with the look so let’s get started!! (Disclaimer, this is an inspired look so it’s not as full on as Taylor to make it more wearable)



I actually already had make up on from this morning so I just added to it by starting with my eyes (obviously, it’s Taylor Momsen inspired)

I started with “backdoor” from the Urban Decay smoked palette and just packed that on the lids and blended it upwards, making sure I put it all the way into my inner corner which is scary for us small eyed people. I repeated it again to get a more intense colour. Then I took “faint” from the UD naked basics palette and used that to blend further up my eye bags as I like to call them.This just makes the eyeshadows look more blended and ‘grungey’. (Hi blue liner)


Next I plonked “blackout” from the smoked palette onto my eye lid and blended that upwards and took it out towards the end of my eyebrow. I also put this on my bottom lash line using a pencil brush and then used my ring finger to smudge over the top.

after black

Next I added a really thin line of the Barry M Blink eye liner just along my lashline to intensify the look. I also recurled my lashes and added a little more mascara, this time using the Avon Super Shock mascara. To finish my eye region I filled in the bald spots of my eyebrows using the Anastasia Dip Brow pomade in “dark brown”.


brows filled in

Now, I didn’t put a dark liner on my waterline because my eyes are damn small but if you want to then it would look super sultry. You could even use a coloured liner to make your eyes pop!

lip liner

Then you wanna really roughly outline your lips using the collection “damson” lip pencil, not in the centre though because the lipstick is more red toned and it will create a very subtle ombre effect.

finished look

I just popped the Gerard Cosmetics “cherry cordial” lipstick over the top and BOOM WE’RE DONE.

So yeah, since last week..bare in mind this was meant to be a relaxing week off.
Thursday I had my first appointment with my therapist so that was eventful and then met up with a friend to take my mind off things, and then realised I hadn’t been paid yet and couldn’t even afford a maccies so that was fun.
Then on the Friday I had a follow up appointment for my asthma and they said I need another inhaler with steroids in, watch out for my biceps.
Saturday was my best friends 18th and that was even more eventful! But also one of the most fun nights I’ve had!!
Then on Sunday I went out with my parents in the morning and my work friends in the evening, then had a huge panic attack before I was going to bed and managed to knock my nose stud out and then spent 2 and a half hours trying to get it back in with brute force (and a frozen baby carrot to numb my nose a bit…) so then in college yesterday I was already feeling ill and was running on almost no sleep.
And then this morning I had to see my therapist again and went out shopping with my Dad and then remembered that I’m in work now until Sunday so I need to get a post up!
Also, fun fact, all but the first picture in this post are screenshots from videos because I tried to film this and failed miserably! One day I will be able to film tutorials, one day… You guys are just gonna have to stick around until then!! 😉 I hope you all have a great week and I will speak to you soon! Goodbye for now little buns!


Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation Rmeview

Hey guys! Today I am going to be reviewing Maybelline’s new foundation that has a name that is far too long. Before I start, the kind woman at boots just gave me this to dry out, I didn’t get sent this or anything so my opinions are all genuine blah blah blah let’s start.


So here is my face with nothing on it, apart from my new nose stud, HELLO! Yeah I got it done yesterday and I’m still super excited about it!

I didn’t use a primer or add a facial oil to the foundation which I have been doing for a while now because I really wanted to push this to the limits as my skin has been really dry at the minute. It looks a little better than usual as I have changed my skin care routine (Would you like to see an updated post on it?) however the winter weather is still drying it out.

The actual foundation is very thin, similar to the L’oreal eau de teint foundation which I really loved but unfortunately was too dark for me, like most foundations. Including this one. However the thin consistency made it super easy to blend out meaning that the colour matched me more with the less I actually used.

It is super lightweight and feels like you have nothing on (I just stroked my face to double check).

I would say that it is a light to medium coverage and is definitely buildable. It is very matt so if you have dry skin like me, don’t use a powder over top!


As you can see it looks like powder on the skin so be very careful you don’t get cake face. Don’t mind the corner of my lip there, it’s kinda inflamed, sob.

Also, my camera battery died so my after picture is also a picture from about 5 hours later (I went to get my nails done and cleaned the house), but it still looks exactly the same!


I also wore this foundation all day yesterday and it didn’t settle into any fine lines or dry spots by the time I’d took my make up off at around 10pm! I was super impressed with that! Out of 10 I would give this foundation an 8 just because I typically prefer a more dewy foundation and it is slightly orange toned.  *My nose stud just fell out as I pushed my glasses up and I just had to “repierce” it myself and I fainted and had to take a 20 minute break, just thought I’d let you know*
I also got both an iphone 4s to replace my samsung brick and my nails done because hell it’s valentines day and if I don’t spoil myself then who’s going to?!
Anyway I’m going to go for a nap now because I can’t feel my legs. Goodbye for now little buns!

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks

I’m not too sure where I’m going to go with this post but hey let’s just carry on and hope for the best.

When I’m shopping I will either buy everything or nothing at all. Mostly everything. So because I’ve been feeling a bit poop I decided to buy myself the set of four lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics purely because I wanted to try them out and why not have four?

The lipsticks are all matt which is super cool because I think I only actually have one matt lipstick that I was really disappointed with but not these- definitely not these. I tried to buy shades that were all completely different to each other so that I can have a good ole play with these! I have already worn three of the colours multiple times. I imagine the pink will be more suited to summer!

Here are the colours I got;


Cherry Cordial- this is a gorgeous dark purple-y lipstick that instantly vamps up any make up look. I feel like such a badass when I’m wearing this lipstick. One thing I would suggest is making sure that your lips are moisturised but not so much that they are slippy otherwise the colour pay-off won’t be as strong. You can dab this colour on your lips for more of a subtle darker lip colour as well.


All Dolled Up- I’m not gonna lie, this scares me a little. However I found a quote the other day that read “Great things never came from comfort zones” so I thought why the hell not? This will be the perfect colour for summer and/or sunny holidays abroad. Again you can dab this colour on your lips to give them a touch of pink.


1995- Jaclyn you nailed it. If you haven’t heard of Jaclyn Hill then get your a*s on youtube now, she is an absolute make up God! She worked with Gerard Cosmetics to create her own collection and this lipstick was inspired by Kylie Jenner. Whether we admit it or not we all want those full, pouty lips and this is the perfect colour to help you achieve it!


Fire Engine- if I am buying multiple lipsticks then I always have to buy a red, it’s a must. This is the perfect bright red and makes me feel like T Swizzle so I like to wear it whenever I can. I should also mention that when I wore this out to lunch with a friend it didn’t bleed at all and I only had to touch up slightly, bonus jonas!

All in all- these lipsticks are super creamy and glide on the lips with ease. Even though they are matt they don’t feel dry at all and the staying power is amazing! They are super pigmented and well worth the money, I think I spent around £40-£50 which for 4 lipsticks is what you would pay for some “drugstore” lipsticks (I’m looking at you revlon). Have you tried any out? Are there any you would recommend? If not, is there a colour that you would like to see me include in a makeup look? Am I asking too many quesitons? Who knows. Goodbye for now little buns!