Planning ahead & MAC first impressions…

Hello everyone, feels like I haven’t written in aaaages! Today has been my only day off and I have only just got home (Its 8:30pm in the UK). Today I went out to Chester to do some Christmas shopping and obviously bought a couple things for myself.

After being so super happy with my MAC mineralised skin finish in Lightscapade I decided I wanted to try out some more things. These were bought from the “Costmetics Company” (at least I thing that’s what it’s called) in Cheshire Oaks (yeah, we went there too!) so I got the BB cream for £18 instead of £24 and the patentpolish lip pencil for £10.50 instead of £14.50- SCORE

Before I start, the Ted Baker stuff there is also discounted, I got my Mum a purse for £50 rather than £75- hence why I got to buy myself some Christmas presents!


I apologise for the awful picture but I needed the flash on for this one! The BB cream is so creamy and smooth and blends in really well with your fingers, and from what I have seen lasts quite well however I am going to put it to the ultimate and wear it for work and then get back to you on that one. And by the way I got it in “extra light”, of course.

The lip pencil is a gorgeous dark purpley brown colour called “Sultana” and it glides on like a dream. It also leaves your lips feeling so smooth which is great for the winter time! However it does come off easily so if there’s any mistletoe about either don’t wear it or do what I do and don’t go near the mistletoe.

I feel like since I hardly have any time any more I should plan ahead so, next Thursday I will be uploading (hopefully) two Christmas looks with the same colour scheme but switched around on the eyes and lips! Then the next Thursday will be Christmas (AHHHH!!) so I will post a “haul” type of post on what I got, then a New Years Eve look on the Sunday after and then it will be the New Year! I hate not planning things and having to try and come up with something because I don’t feel like it’s the best it could be and obviously I post not just for my own enjoyment but so that you guys can enjoy reading my posts.

Alrighty so I think that will be it for today! I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week and I am sending you all massive hugs!

Don’t forget to check me out on soundcloud and instagram! Love a good ‘ole plug here and there, don’t I? Goodbye for now little buns!


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