Glam eyes NYE look 2014!

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you the make up that I will be wearing to end 2014 and start 2015! I’m not quite sure who’s party I am going to but I know I am going to one so the make up has got to be top notch.

After doing my usual skin care routine I mixed my MAC BB cream and L’oreal true match foundation, both in the lightest colour, and applied that to my face with the Real Techniques face sponge thing. I am really loving this foundation routine at the moment, it makes my face look so healthy and gives just the right amount of coverage.

Then I use my collection lasting perfection concealer to cover my under eyes and highlight my cheekbones, cupids bow, bridge of my nose and just in between my eyebrows. I blended this out with the same sponge and then went over with a teeny tiny bit of the Rimmel clear complexion face powder.

Then I used my Bourjois chocolate bronzer (surprise, surprise!) to contour, my new estee lauder blush in “plush petal” and my MAC mineralised skin finish in “lightscapade” to finish my face make up. I then did my normal eyebrow routine, which I do kinda wanna change up, before moving onto my eyes.

And because I’m an idiot I accidentally deleted all of the pictures of my make up apart from my eyes and full face, so unfortunately there are none along the way, apologies.

After applying my nars smudgeproof eyeshadow primer I grabbed my random MUA face powder and just swiped that over top to make blending easier. I also used some sellotape on the outer edge of my eye out towards my eyebrow to make it even easier.

I started with the “naked 2” shadow from the naked basics palette and used that in and above my crease. I then whipped out my smoked palette by Urban Decay and went in with “backdoor” in my crease to deepen that up a little bit. To exaggerate that even more I used “blackout” and put that in my outer corner too. I then used my L’oreal eyeshadow in “real silver” just on my eyelid and then used a clean (ish) blending brush to soften the edges. To blend that in to the outer corner I just used “mushroom” from the smoked palette as it is a dark shimmery sliver and gives such a smooth transition! I then used “venus” from the naked basics palette on the brow bone and “backdoor” again underneath the eyes and then that was it for the shadow!

After ripping off the sellotape (okay I wasn’t that violent) I used my maybelline black gel liner to create quite a thick winged liner so that I could go over the top with my collection glam eyes (see what I did there??) liner in “hustle”. I also kinda missed and coated my lashes too.



It annoys me how dull this looks. I am going out in the day time in a sparkly as hell smokey eye and my camera is like sorry nope. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

Anyhoo then I added some of the maybelline rocket mascara to finish it off! I really love this mascara and because I got the waterproof one it doesn’t just decide to come off during the day (win!) however it is so difficult to take off.


Do you like?

So, moving on to the lips I took the Max Factor lipstick in “midnight mauve” around the edges of my lips and in the outer corners and then filled the rest in with the collection deluxe lipstick in “speak easy”. To top it off I used my Tanya Burr lip gloss in “Aurora” et voila!


Literally the most subtle thing known to man but I feel like my lips look a little bit nicer.




I always feel like my make up doesn’t look how it does in person so I took three pictures in different lighting so hopefully you can see how the make up looks! It was also super difficult to try and pull the exact same face.

Okey dokes so this is the make up I will be wearing on New Years Eve! I hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing time. Please stay safe and I will talk to you in the new year! Good bye for now little buns!


Merry Christmas! (2014)

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having, or had, an amazing Christmas! Today I am going to share with you some of the things I got, obviously not everything because I don’t think you want to hear me ramble on about wonder woman knickers, millions of scented candles and cosy socks. I also just want to say that I am not bragging in any way, shape or form, I just love writing and reading haul style posts and I hope that you guys do too! So, let’s begin.


I got X by Ed Sheeran and 1989 by Taylor Swift and I think I’ve already listened to them 6 times each. They are both amazing so if you are thinking of getting yourself a little something something, boom, both of these.


Next are these babies. LOOK AT THEM. HNNNNGGGG
So shiny and masculine AND feminine, and comfortable.


Next is this Estee Lauder Blush in “Plush Petal”, let’s start with the packaging please. It just look’s so luxurious and “posh”.


I can’t cope. Someone please send help. Beauty in it’s simplest form. It is so pigmented and feels super smooth. It also looks surprisingly natural on my face.


The next thing I got was this Urban Decay Smoked palette that comes with a free liner and mini primer potion! I love Urban Decay shadows so I was super excited to get this.


As you can see all of the colours are so beautiful and on the darker, smokier side. I have already used some of the colours this morning and I can’t wait to do loads of make up looks with this palette!


I also got this Tanya Burr “Aurora” lip gloss which is so creamy and very pigmented for a lip gloss. I love the colour as it still looks natural and is my equivalent of “nude”.


Everyone always gets bath sets for Christmas so I thought I would smush these all together so it’s not too repetitive! I got the next cashmere set, a Ted Baker set, the Lush Happy box thing, a jelly baby set and a lush candy mountain bath bomb, and one that I could not fit in the picture…


which is The Body Shop Argan Oil collection thingy but all wrapped up in a cute little box! I will probably review this next year as I am expecting great things!


Next I got two things from the Zoella pamper range which is the blue make up bag because her eyebrows are on fleek and the fizz bar. I have seen Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter use this and the bubbles this makes are amazing!


I think I have enough lip balm to say that I collect it so obviously I was bought more! I can’t get enough of lip balm so I can’t wait to try these out!


I also managed to get two naked basics palettes so stay tuned to find out what will be happening with one of them… The colours in the palette are very versatile and I really think that you could survive with just this palette, day and night!


Since these are the more “adult” presents I thought I’d save these as my last two. As you can see I got two bottles of vodka because my family know me too well. One is salted caramel popcorn flavoured and the other is “hot” (aka chilli) chocolate flavoured, and is nearly 40%! If it doesn’t kill me then I will see you next time! I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy the rest of your day! Goodbye for now little buns!

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Quick & easy Christmas Make up look 2014!

I said I’d get this post up today and I have. WOOHOO GO ME! Better late than never, eh? So anyway, make up. I know I said I’d have two looks but I wasn’t very happy with the second one so I’ll just skim over that bit quickly…


For my base I started with my Nivea moisturiser just to shake things up a bit and then slapped on my new MAC BB cream with my fingers because I really wanted to test it. Then I used my usual collection concealer to conceal (duh) and highlight and then used a darker concealer from my no name concealer palette to contour.

After all that faffing I moved onto my powder make up things… I used my sleek blush in “flushed”, my bourjois chocolate bronzer and my MAC mineralised skin finish in “lightscapade” to finish off my face make up, I didn’t wear a face powder because my skin always gets really dry in the winter so I don’t really need one.

Moving onto eyes…


I started by using my nars smudgeproof eye shadow primer and then packed on my two L’oreal gold single eye shadows, not forgetting to put some on my inner corner too. I then used “darkhorse from my mini Urban Decay palette and blended that in my outer corners, crease and underneath my bottom lash line along with the gold colours. Next I created a cute lil wing with my maybelline black gel liner. Then I used my Maybelline great lash and my clinique bottom lash mascara to top it all off. Simples!

I then did my usual eyebrow routine with my Benefit Brow Zings and Maybelline Brow Drama and popped on The Body Shop “crazy sexy crimson” lipstick and et voila! I also tried this look out with my MAC “sultana” patent polish lip pencil and my Max Factor “mulberry” lipstick and I love how that came out too.

make of the cups


I’m so sorry about the bags under my eyes by the way, my job has taken away every ounce of energy I had.

And just for the lols here is the other make up look that turned out to be a w f u l but hey, I tried. The eye shadow doesn’t look red at all and my lipstick is far too brown for my liking. I wasn’t quite sure how I could salvage the eye shadow, I think I got a little bit too excited.


And since this posted ended up being shorter than I imagined, here is some stuff I just bought- YAY!


I will be testing out the Real Techniques “beauty blender” style sponge and using the maybelline The Rocket mascara and collection Glam eyes glitter liner in my New Years Eve look. I’m no longer off on New Years Eve though so that post will probably be up on the Sunday after Christmas. I plan to post on Christmas day but if something gets in the way (aka I nap longer than usual) I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and stay safe! Oooh whilst I’m here, I also applied for X Factor…GOODBYE FOR NOW LITTLE BUNS! ❤


Planning ahead & MAC first impressions…

Hello everyone, feels like I haven’t written in aaaages! Today has been my only day off and I have only just got home (Its 8:30pm in the UK). Today I went out to Chester to do some Christmas shopping and obviously bought a couple things for myself.

After being so super happy with my MAC mineralised skin finish in Lightscapade I decided I wanted to try out some more things. These were bought from the “Costmetics Company” (at least I thing that’s what it’s called) in Cheshire Oaks (yeah, we went there too!) so I got the BB cream for £18 instead of £24 and the patentpolish lip pencil for £10.50 instead of £14.50- SCORE

Before I start, the Ted Baker stuff there is also discounted, I got my Mum a purse for £50 rather than £75- hence why I got to buy myself some Christmas presents!


I apologise for the awful picture but I needed the flash on for this one! The BB cream is so creamy and smooth and blends in really well with your fingers, and from what I have seen lasts quite well however I am going to put it to the ultimate and wear it for work and then get back to you on that one. And by the way I got it in “extra light”, of course.

The lip pencil is a gorgeous dark purpley brown colour called “Sultana” and it glides on like a dream. It also leaves your lips feeling so smooth which is great for the winter time! However it does come off easily so if there’s any mistletoe about either don’t wear it or do what I do and don’t go near the mistletoe.

I feel like since I hardly have any time any more I should plan ahead so, next Thursday I will be uploading (hopefully) two Christmas looks with the same colour scheme but switched around on the eyes and lips! Then the next Thursday will be Christmas (AHHHH!!) so I will post a “haul” type of post on what I got, then a New Years Eve look on the Sunday after and then it will be the New Year! I hate not planning things and having to try and come up with something because I don’t feel like it’s the best it could be and obviously I post not just for my own enjoyment but so that you guys can enjoy reading my posts.

Alrighty so I think that will be it for today! I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week and I am sending you all massive hugs!

Don’t forget to check me out on soundcloud and instagram! Love a good ‘ole plug here and there, don’t I? Goodbye for now little buns!


November Favourites 2014!

Hey guys! I apologise for my absence, I’ve had a busy couple weeks. Literally, if I haven’t been in work, I’ve been in the doctors- YAY!

(Quick lil update- turns out I have stress induced asthma which is making my anxiety worse and I have to ring somewhere today to be put on the list for a councillor and I’ve been for blood test after blood test because I was sick the first time and then they were like “You need to come in tomorrow, there’s something wrong with your bloods” and I was like omg I’m dying but no I’m all good.)

Okay so, my first favourites are two lipsticks that are perfect for the Autumn/Winter time.


If you are a good little bun and read my posts (thank you, thank you!!) you will have seen these two before. The one chilling on the left is “125-crazy sexy crimson” by The Body Shop and the lovely gold one to the right is “685-mulberry” by Max Factor. They are both deep colours that look beautiful opaque and sheer.


When applied “Mulberry” has a gorgeous metallic sheen to it and the staying power is unreal. I recently wore this on our works night out and after greasy garlic bread (to keep the boys away…I wish) it still looked flawless! My friend actually asked me how many times I had reapplied it and when I said I hadn’t she was gob-smacked! This is the only Max Factor lippy I own but I’m sure I will have many more in my collection shortly…

“Crazy sexy crimson” doesn’t have quite as much staying power but the name is enough for me. The colour is slightly lighter than it looks on the bullet but if you conceal your natural lips and/or apply a dark liner it is such a perfect vampy colour.


Sticking with lips, this has been my absolute saviour as the weather is growing colder. By now I normally have the worst chapped lips ever but not this year! I have been using carmex in the morning and night and then either my usual blistex or nivea throughout the day and I have noticed an improvement in the softness of my lips, not like I need them to be soft but it makes me feel better knowing that they are.


Moving on to eyes, I have been loving this “Metallic Pomegranate” colour tattoo by Maybelline. It is very long wearing but one thing I would say is that if you blend it out too much you lose the majority of the colour, you can layer it but just be careful with the blending.


Now this was obviously going to feature in this post. The Naked 3 palette is the most amazing palette for Autumn/Winter with the rosey theme. Not to mention that the eyeshadows are so pigmented and blend out like a dream. My favourites in the palette are “Limit” (which I use to blend out everything), “Burnout”, “Factory” and “Dark horse”- I just can’t stop using them!

brow zings

After not using much on my eyebrows because I’m lazy I have rediscovered my Brow Zings by Benefit. Like my eyebrows are now always ON FLEEK, And the best part is that they still look natural but just less bald. I thought there was only one way to use this but I have seen a lot of people use it differently so, the way I use it is:

Brush le brows into place with a spoolie, then use the angled brush provided to draw on your brows with the gel, keep all the hairs in line and provide a base so that they are easier to perfect with the powder. Then with another angled brush I dip it in the powder and make quick little strokes to imitate brow hairs but at the same time you want the outline to be neat. Because I have almost no hairs on the end of my eyebrows I just press my brush on the end so that the powder sticks to the gel. And THEN I just use my Maybelline brow drama to make sure they don’t move. That was very hard to explain but I hope you got it.


I have three face things I like this month, the first one being the B. Replenished facial oil. It’s kinda meant for people with more “mature” skin but since my skin gets super dry I wanted to try it out. You only need two drops of the stuff and I have no eczema in sight so I am really happy with this! It also smells so fresh.


Then for some more moisture I have been using this simple moisture boost hydro mist whenever I feel like it really. You can use this under and over make up which I love because sometimes I just need a little spritz in the cold weather.


We were all waiting for this one, weren’t we? I think I have genuinely used this every day since I bought it, its such a subtle but beautiful highlight which is perfect all year round for that healthy glow. Even if you aren’t as pale as a ghost I think you would still love this.


I have one hair product that I have really enjoyed this month, this is the Toni&Guy “Sea salt texturising spray”. It just makes my natural waves look a little bit more like I did them on purpose, you know? It does make my hair feel a little chalky but I just go over it with some oil if it’s really bugging me.


I had to include this because for some reason I really don’t feel Christmassy at all but this helped today. It also looks super cool in your bath.


I feel kinda bad because I like that Santa looks like he’s melting away but it’s SO COOL.


It also smells amazing, as per usual for lush. It’s weirdly festive because it’s quite ‘citrusy’ but I love it. I have a feeling I will be returning to lush to buy more. Not to mention it made my skin feel amazing.

And lastly, my favourite songs of November have been:

Ed Sheeran- Thinking out loud (MY GOD THE FEELS)
Taylor Swift- Blank Space
One Direction- Steal my Girl and Night Changes, purely for the video.

aaand one that I never thought I would like because it is so musically incorrect,
Meghan Trainor- All about that bass

So that’s it for today! I hope you liked this post, if you did don’t forget to actually click the little like button because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Once again don’t forget to check me out on soundcloud. Goodbye for now little buns!