‘Cheryl- I don’t care’ inspired make up look!

Hi guys! Today’s post won’t have many photos in (cry) as I need to go to my singing lesson pronto so I have left myself enough time now to write this and go… hopefully! Also, I kinda hate myself for loving this song because it’s so bad but at the same time it’s so good.


Here’s me before I throw things on my face in a controlled manner. I’m sick.

Because her look in this is super natural and lovely I decided to make myself a “BB cream” as my base. I just mixed my smashbox hydrating primer, l’oreal true match foundation, smashbox liquid halo foundation, simple illuminating radiance cream and some rimmel clear complexion face powder. I promise it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Just primer, foundation, moisturiser and powder!

I then concealed using my collection lasting perfection as per usual and kindaaaa highlighted with it but not too much, just nice and subtle. I just set that with a little more powder.

Then I used my real techniques blush brush and my bourjois bronzer to contour (kinda heavily) my face, focusing on my cheekbones. I then switched to my Sleek “sahara” blush and a smaller angled blush brush to hollow them out more precisely! For actual blush I used both sleek “flushed” and “rose gold” to look natural but still dewy.

To achieve Cheryl’s highlight I used Benefits Highbeam and placed that on the high points of my cheekbones, my cupids bow, my nose and my chin. Not on my forehead because Lord knows that doesn’t need to look any bigger. Then my towel fell off my head so I put my fave headband on to keep my hair out of my face.

For my eyes I started by priming them with the nars smudgeproof eyeshadow primer and then put my face powder over top to ensure that any other colours would blend out nicely. I then just used my bourjois bronzer in my crease, lightly over my lid and on my lower lash line. Then I used a random darker brown colour from the MUA heaven and earth palette to deepen my crease slightly (aye aye). Next I used the L’oreal “nude 205” eye shadow sparingly on my lid. Next I put L’oreals “chrome brown” eyeliner on my waterline and along my top lash line. To finish my eyes off I curled my lashes and applied Benefits They’re Real! mascara.

Now, for my eyebrows I had to go pretty natural, because Cheryl has got naturally fab brows, which saddened me a little I’m not gonna lie. I used the Maybelline brow drama in “medium brown” and went over that with a teeny tiny bit of a random brown eyeshadow to make them match my hair a bit more.





To finish my make up I put on a Collection Colour Pout lip stain which name has rubbed off but I think its “kiss 2”.

I think they tried to make Cheryl’s hair look naturally curly so because mine is I’m just going to leave it to dry. If yours isn’t then you could always curl it, use heated rollers, or if you are planning this look for another day, sleep with your hair rolled up in socks, I might have a post including that in the future since it’s such a handy dandy trick.


Look it’s the paler, less pretty, slightly more gothic looking Cheryl Fernadez-Versini…kinda. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you would like to see any more celebrity inspired looks just let me know and I will be sure to do them for you! Also, guess who hit 100 followers- ME! I can’t believe 100 of you are following me, first of all why? and second of all THANK YOU SO MUCH! Literally the best Christmas present ever. Goodbye for now little buns!


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