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Maybelline colour tattoo review!

Why hello there… Because I am always about 5 years behind everyone else, I thought I would review something that everyone has already reviewed and used up and forgotten about because, why not? Also, please ignore my acrylics, the nail varnish has chipped a tad and my nails grow very fast- like, that is one weeks growth w h a t.

SO, I got the same colour as everyone else (on and on bronze) because I am predictable and if you have blue eyes apparently you should only wear brown shadow. Boring but true.

I was very hesitant to try these out because eye shadow lasts about 2 seconds on my lids without a primer so I didn’t think that something already slippy would stay on, but I was very happily mistaken.


As you can see, it is definitely bronze. And my gosh the shimmer is so shimmery. LOOK AT ME AND MY VOCAB. So yeah, I am super happy with the colour pay off however it does fade slightly during the day but considering it takes 2 seconds to put on, I’m not too bothered.

maybelline colour tattoo

This is it on my eye after about 8 hours wear, no creasing even though I put it on my eye sags (or whatever the technical term is). I was also wearing something else to vamp up my eye make-up a bit and because I’m a huge fan of posts with pictures in, I made you all a little something…


But yeah, big up Maybelline for this one. It takes me 2 minutes to put them on, I don’t need a primer, they blend naturally and look stunning. I think I have worn this for a good 2 weeks solid. I also bought one in “Metallic Pomegranate” which noticeably fades throughout the day but not enough to make me not wear it.

I don’t really know what else to say but I don’t want to go yet… I just bought myself a Christmas present which was an absolute BARGIN, like please click here to see what I bought and also buy them ASAP!! (I promise this isn’t sponsored) My friend was bought them for the original price and wow okay the quality is amaze, it’s over 80% off and you get a further 10% off the new price plus the shipping if you follow them on twitter, like them on facebook OR sign up for the mailing list. WHY HAVEN’T YOU CLICKED THE LINK YET????  IT OPENS A NEW TAB, I PROMISE. You also don’t need to get them in bright pink but, then again, why wouldn’t you want them in bright pink? THEY ARE ALSO VEGAN FRIENDLY WHAAAAAAT.

I should get paid for the amount of praise I give. But I am just so excited about the amount of money saving and how we could all have matching things (I won’t mention it just in case you haven’t clicked the link). Or even if you got it as a present for, I don’t know, your niece or something and then you can be like “You have the same _____ as some randomer online who told me to buy you these” and idk maybe they would find that cool. Okay seriously if you haven’t clicked the link by now you are just getting on my nerves, click the damn thing.

Also, about us having matching things, that is nearly 100 of you guys…. NEARLY 100. I really don’t know why you all chose to follow me and read my posts but you guys are the cooliest.


So yeah before this post gets any more weird, or I die from enthusiasm, I’m gonna end it. Have a great week and Goodbye for now little buns!


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