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My Barry M nail varnish collection!

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t get a post up on last week, I did plan to but I spent the Tuesday with my Dad (my day off last week) AND GOT MY EARS PIERCED AGAIN(!!) and on Sunday I couldn’t take a good selfie (first world probs) and was out for most of the day also. I use brackets a lot, don’t I? I have 28 to get through so let’s crack on!


Okay so starting on the top row I have.. I’m joking, I’m joking. First up are my top coats.


From left to right there is: the 3-in-1 basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener which is just called “Clear”, the matt top coat “MTC”, a limited edition one that’s name has smudged off, “Rose Quartz”, “Mermaid” from the Aquarium collection and “Silver”, which can be used as a top coat or its own colour if two coats are applied. There is only one of these that I am disappointed in and that has to be “Mermaid”, hardly any of the glitter comes out at all when you apply it and it just made my nails look silly. I don’t like my nails looking silly.


Next are my paler colours, I don’t want to say nudes or naturals because two of them are white soooo????? Anyhoo, left to right, “Coconut”, “Pearl” and “Lychee”. I adore these three colours. They require two coats to be completely opaque but I expect that anyway. I find “Lychee” to be the perfect nude for my pale skin tone but I can imagine it suiting everyone!


Next are my more pinky colours, if you excuse the one on the right. Surprisingly I don’t wear pink nail varnish all that often but I do love it, especially with a matt top coat. Again, left to right (that’s the last time I’m telling you because you should have caught on by now) “Blossom”- how cute is that please, “Dragon Fruit”, “Pink Flamingo” and “Passion Fruit”. “Passion Fruit” is more of a pinky orange but on camera looks really orange, but I promise it is a really b-e-a-u-tiful colour.


These next two look practically the same colour but both “Raspberry” and “Poppy” are perfect for the Autumn/Winter time. “Poppy” has a gorgeous sheen and it looks sort of two tone, but not really- do you know what I mean? Probably not.


Next up are my blues. Now, I didn’t realise how many blues I actually have but my gosh I love them. These are “Blue Moon”, “Blueberry”, “Guava”, “Pacific” from the Aquarium collection, “Indigo” and “Navy” which is actually the colour I wore for prom. I love love looove all of these….apart from one. “Blue Moon” takes about a billion coats to be opaque and I just don’t have that kind of patience or time. Out of these I would say that “Guava” and “Pacific” are my favourite.


Lately I have been loving green nails, and “Watermelon” and “Cardamom” are the perfect greens for your nails. They are also great for the Autumn, Winter AND Spring time. “Cardamom” only takes one coat, I repeat, ONE COAT to be opaque, I swear I almost cried.


I apologise for the shadow, English weather is awful, however it does add more of a dramatic feel to my black polishes. These are “Black”- inventive… and “Espresso”. I do prefer my matt black because it is so cool and I know when it’s dry because it just turns matt.


These are the two browns that I have, “Cappuccino” and “Vintage Violet”- which, as you can see and probably guess, is more of a purple toned brown. These again are great for Autumn/Winter and are so bloody adorable. I never thought I would call brown adorable but you just have to trust me on this one.


Last but not least is “Prickly Pear”. I don’t really understand the name because pears are green but it’s a cute colour nonetheless. The pale ‘gelly’ colours are amazing in pigmentation considering they are only £3.99 (obvs that may vary depending on where you buy it but yeah, cheap). Two coats are needed but very rarely does a polish only need one coat, I’m looking at you “Cardamom”.

So that’s it for my Barry M nail varnishes! I do have another 30 odd polishes from various but let’s be honest, who wants to go through ~60 nail varnishes? And considering half of my collection is Barry M, I think we know my favourites. Also, did you like my kitchen towel background? I did. I’m going to go and decide what I wan’t to do on my nails now that I have looked at them all, and have lunch, goodbye for now little buns!


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