Making the most of my day

I don’t know if I’m the only person who does this but on my days off I can’t just sit and lounge around, I need to do anything and everything! So, since I haven’t had much time to prepare for a blog post, I thought I would tell you guys what I have done instead of a blog post, in the form of a blog post. Win-win.

The number 1 thing on my list was to see some friends as I am always in work nowadays and not everyone is free on a Sunday so I took advantage of it being half-term and met up with two of my friends who are off for this week. We initially planned on carving pumpkins as I have never carved a pumpkin. I was so excited and then Asda let me down because their pumpkins were all awful. FOR GOD’S SAKE ASDA.

Instead we decided to make cookies and brownies but I don’t have pictures for them, apologies. I also got my first Costa hot chocolate of 2014 and it was just so good. Like, wow.

After convincing my brother yesterday to have a Halloween party on Saturday night I decided I wanted to make some Halloween treats. I have bought ingredients and decorations to make cupcakes before I go (look out for snaps on my insta! plugplugplug) and I made some Halloween chocolate…

halloween chocolate

To do this I just started by melting white chocolate with a tiny bit of butter so that it didn’t set too quickly (and it looks super glossy). I just popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring it in between. When it was fully melted I separated it into two bowls and put blue food colouring in one and green food colouring in the other. Then I put some cling-film onto a tray and poured the chocolate on it, in a sort of rectangular shape and attempted to marble it using a chopstick. Much chef. Then I just sprinkled on some Halloween ‘hundreds & thousands’ and scattered some jelly beans, salted caramel popcorn and some mini oreos (some whole, some crushed) over the top. Then I chucked it in the fridge and I was done! Super easy and it looks so cool!

After doing all the dishes and whatnot, my missguided order came. I almost saved up last weeks pay but I found so many cheap monochrome items that I just couldn’t resist! I just have to wear black and white for work so this was perfect! I got four tops, a dress and a pair of swanky leggings for just over £60 and got free next day delivery! All of my items fit me perfectly so I couldn’t be happier.

Then, I realised that I had no idea what I was going to go as for Halloween. After watching multiple youtube videos, I settled on this leopard look. I went and bought two L’oreal gold eye shadows to help me with this look, one in “nude 205” (WHICH IS SOOOO SHIMMERY) and one in “lumiere 500”. Ignore the part of my eyebrow that I accidentally covered with foundation and the gap in the eye liner on my nose-



And no lie, I did this in 15 MINUTES. I will obviously spend a lot longer doing it at the weekend to make sure it is absolutely perfect but 15 minutes is unreal. If you don’t wanna be a super boring “whiskers and triangle nose” cat, be a leopard, you can still wear all black and it looks like you spent a long time getting ready. I also am just about to get rid off my moustache, don’t worry.

Luckily my Mum found a good Pumpkin in Sainsbury’s so I’m going to carve that and then have a shower and watch Celebrity Juice before bed time! I hope you have all had a wonderful day, have fun on Halloween and please be safe! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… Good bye for now little buns!

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Yuzu & Cocoa Review!

As a quick and special Tuesday night bonus post I thought I would review the Yuzu & Cocoa bubbleroon (what the hellllll is that meant to mean????).

This ‘bubbleroon’ is made with both coconut oil and shea butter so is great for smoothing out dry skin, like, when I got out the bath I was just sat stroking my arm because WOW THE SOFTNESS. It also didn’t irritate my sensitive skin YAY PEOPLE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN CAN HAVE NICE THINGS. Also the smell lingers and it is heavenly. I would describe it as a citrus-vanilla-chocolate-cream smell, you know? It’s such a soothing and comforting smell but I can’t quite do descriptions. Even after having a super poop day and feeling like my heart was gonna beat out of my chest, I felt calm and found it easier to get to sleep.

As you have already seen it turns your bath a lovely yellow colour, it also doesn’t stain the bath which is an absolute God-send. There is just something that the child in me loves about colourful baths, but not cleaning up afterwards.

One thing I would say about this ‘bubbleroon’ is that there aren’t many bubbles, I used the whole thing and there were only a few surface bubbles so I was a little disappointed with that. Maybe I just can’t crumble it properly, who knows. This was slightly more on the ‘pricey’ side, using ‘pricey’ very loosely, being £3.65. At the same time though I would repurchase it again quite happily.

I am planning on buying out the whole of Lush when I do my Christmas shopping so start preparing yourself for that giant haul now. I think I’m done with this review, I have stretched it out as much as I can.

If you wanna see a bit more of me (ooh, cheeky) my instagram is @chlofrench
If you wanna hear a bit more of me (ooh, cheeky) then head on over to my soundcloud!


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Maybelline colour tattoo review!

Why hello there… Because I am always about 5 years behind everyone else, I thought I would review something that everyone has already reviewed and used up and forgotten about because, why not? Also, please ignore my acrylics, the nail varnish has chipped a tad and my nails grow very fast- like, that is one weeks growth w h a t.

SO, I got the same colour as everyone else (on and on bronze) because I am predictable and if you have blue eyes apparently you should only wear brown shadow. Boring but true.

I was very hesitant to try these out because eye shadow lasts about 2 seconds on my lids without a primer so I didn’t think that something already slippy would stay on, but I was very happily mistaken.


As you can see, it is definitely bronze. And my gosh the shimmer is so shimmery. LOOK AT ME AND MY VOCAB. So yeah, I am super happy with the colour pay off however it does fade slightly during the day but considering it takes 2 seconds to put on, I’m not too bothered.

maybelline colour tattoo

This is it on my eye after about 8 hours wear, no creasing even though I put it on my eye sags (or whatever the technical term is). I was also wearing something else to vamp up my eye make-up a bit and because I’m a huge fan of posts with pictures in, I made you all a little something…


But yeah, big up Maybelline for this one. It takes me 2 minutes to put them on, I don’t need a primer, they blend naturally and look stunning. I think I have worn this for a good 2 weeks solid. I also bought one in “Metallic Pomegranate” which noticeably fades throughout the day but not enough to make me not wear it.

I don’t really know what else to say but I don’t want to go yet… I just bought myself a Christmas present which was an absolute BARGIN, like please click here to see what I bought and also buy them ASAP!! (I promise this isn’t sponsored) My friend was bought them for the original price and wow okay the quality is amaze, it’s over 80% off and you get a further 10% off the new price plus the shipping if you follow them on twitter, like them on facebook OR sign up for the mailing list. WHY HAVEN’T YOU CLICKED THE LINK YET????  IT OPENS A NEW TAB, I PROMISE. You also don’t need to get them in bright pink but, then again, why wouldn’t you want them in bright pink? THEY ARE ALSO VEGAN FRIENDLY WHAAAAAAT.

I should get paid for the amount of praise I give. But I am just so excited about the amount of money saving and how we could all have matching things (I won’t mention it just in case you haven’t clicked the link). Or even if you got it as a present for, I don’t know, your niece or something and then you can be like “You have the same _____ as some randomer online who told me to buy you these” and idk maybe they would find that cool. Okay seriously if you haven’t clicked the link by now you are just getting on my nerves, click the damn thing.

Also, about us having matching things, that is nearly 100 of you guys…. NEARLY 100. I really don’t know why you all chose to follow me and read my posts but you guys are the cooliest.


So yeah before this post gets any more weird, or I die from enthusiasm, I’m gonna end it. Have a great week and Goodbye for now little buns!

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Doll Halloween tutorial!

Did you miss me? Did you? I thought so. I’ve got another Halloween tutorial for you guys since October seems to be flying over! Before I start, I know that my eyelashes are hardly stuck on, the glue was 99p from wilkos and I cant see to put them on properly because I obviously can’t do my makeup with my glasses on. Feel free to laugh.


I threw my hair up into two bunches and put a white blouse and my unicorn jumper on to get into the doll theme. I started by just putting on some of the Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream to give me a glowy complexion and smooth over any dry patches of skin.


I then used my Smashbox Liquid Halo foundation in shade 1 with a damp sponge (use a beauty blender if you have one, but a damp makeup sponge works just as well) to dab it onto my face. I then highlighted using my usual Collection Lasting perfection concealer in “1-fair” like this-


DONE. There is also some under the hollows of my cheeks that you cant see but I promise it’s there. Just blend it in with the same sponge because you’re to lazy to go and dampen another one.


I then took this no name concealer palette and used the colour I so kindly pointed out to contour my cheekbones and the top of my forehead, nowhere else for now.


Then I used a teeny tiny bit of this cheapo mineral powder with the Real Techniques powder brush to set all of the cream products on my face and also give me a little more coverage.


I then used my Bourjois bronzer to fully contour my face, especially under my chin and along my jawline because dolls don’t have double chins. Then I put Benefits High Beam on my cheekbones and cupids bow for that extra shine.


Next I put Sleeks “rose gold” blusher just onto the apples of my cheeks and very slightly blended it back towards my ear, very slightly.


Aaaaand this is what your face should look like at this point- HI.


If like me you have oily lids and/or hooded eyes you won’t want to skip the primer! I use the Nars Smudge proof eyeshadow primer and I bloody love it.

UD mini palette

For my eyes I used this mini Urban Decay palette, I have no idea where you can get it from because it was bought as a present last year- apologies. To start I used “verve” all over my lid, up to where I would like my crease to be #hoodedeyesprobs. I then took “suspect” on a fluffy brush just above that to blend it out slightly. I then took “dark horse” on an angled brush so that I could place the colour precisely, creating a cut crease from my inner corners to the outer edge of my eyes and then blending it out. I then put “woodstock” in roughly the same place as the previous colour and kept blending until I was happy with it.


Now for eyeliner. I firstly took my super cheap and reliable white eyeliner and put that in and underneath my water line. I then used the maybelline black gel liner on an angled brush to create a thin(ish) line on the top and then underneath the white eyeliner. Then just extend it at the bottom and join it up with the top line, not winging it out because that is just too advanced.


I just used “strange” from the naked 3 palette to go over the white eyeliner for a little more pigmentation and completely under my brows.


I then used the Barry M Blink eyeliner to create fake bottom eyelashes, simples *meerkat noise*.


For my brows I actually used a stencil to make them more symmetrical. I just use this dark brown colour that looks glittery but because it’s so cheap, isn’t at all- win!


I then just added some freckles using this Urban Decay eyeliner in “whiskey”.


After failing miserably at putting on false eyelashes, you should look a little something like this. It’s weird seeing me with big eyes.


I’m not actually sure what brand these lipsticks are, possibly Collection but they are just really bright pink colours. I used the lighter one in the centre of my lips and the darker one just on the outside and on the corners, See?


Okay so that is it! I wouldn’t say that this is a quicker Halloween look but it is definitely fun! Now just for some more photos even though this post has been practically just photos….





Okay so that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, goodbye for now little buns!

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Quick and easy vampire tutorial!

Bad evening everyone. Pffft I don’t know how to be evil or scary, who am I trying to kid? I got bored on Thursday afternoon and turned myself into a vampire in about 20 minutes, so, if you want something quick and easy for Halloween, or you are only just reading this on the 31st and are just about to walk out the door and have nothing on your face right now (and you aren’t the type to draw on whiskers and pretend you wanted to be a cat this whole time) keep reading. I promise none of the other sentences in this post are going to be that long.


I started with my regular foundation because I am pale as but if you want to then use a paler foundation than usual or even a white face paint to create your base. You want to use a foundation with a good coverage because dead people don’t have pimples or rosey cheeks. I just used this foundation from The Body Shop in shade number 2 because they didn’t have number 1. If you have any pimples pop some concealer on but don’t put any underneath your eyes, you need to embrace your dark circles just this once.


To make me a bit more pale and set my foundation I used talc. It is surprisingly good at setting foundation and white so you will look even more dead.


I used this no name palette to create most of this look, starting with a black colour that isn’t sooooo black to contour as I normally would. If you don’t own a grey or black eye shadow (why not???) then just use a cool toned bronzer to sculpt your face, but try not to put too much colour into it because you don’t want to look alive now, do you?


I then mixed together some black, purple, red and brown colours at random to create my eye look, using the same blending brush so that there was no distinct difference between the colours. I was also fairly messy as I wanted to use the fall out to worsen my dark circles. You just need to keep layering the colours and blending them out until you are happy with the result. It’s really that simple.


See? Once you are happy with your eye shadow, add a bit more. If you are going out in the evening, which I am guessing the majority of you will be, you will need your make up to be slightly darker than you intended. Now its time to add eye liner and mascara.


I used my avon glimmerstick on my waterline and then smudged it slightly on my top lashline. I made sure that I was fairly slap dash with the waterline so that it wasn’t so neat because Vampires aren’t neat, they need to get sh*t done and bite people. They don’t have time for perfect liner. I then used my Barry M showgirl mascara because I got it free with all the nail varnish I bought. It’s okay but I wouldn’t rave about it.


Ignore my wonky nose and focus on how dead I look. I also have a jumper and a dressing gown on because it’s really really cold.



Now for our brows. I just did them normally using my Benefit brow zings and then actually went over them with my Maybelline Great Lash mascara to set my brows and make them real dark to in turn make me real pale. Well, paler.


Now for my favourite part- the lips. I started by lining my lips with The Body Shops lip liner in “mahogany” and then going over that with their lipstick in “crazy sexy crimson”. For me, this was a little too red so I then went over it with the Rimmel Apocalips in “eclipse” and then tried to take pictures of me being a vampire, the key word there being tried.


If you have hooded eyes, you will need to go preeeetty high up your eye but anyone else will be okay. You lucky things. But as you can see, when you open your eyes, it doesn’t look all that crazy.




Am I a vampire yet? Ooookey dokey so that’s it for today! Bit of a late post as I went shopping as per usual. If you are planning to be a vampire in advance you could get some fake blood and/or fangs to step this up a notch. If you don’t celebrate Halloween then don’t you worry I’ll have normal posts during October too. Have a great day/night, goodbye for now little buns!

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My Barry M nail varnish collection!

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t get a post up on last week, I did plan to but I spent the Tuesday with my Dad (my day off last week) AND GOT MY EARS PIERCED AGAIN(!!) and on Sunday I couldn’t take a good selfie (first world probs) and was out for most of the day also. I use brackets a lot, don’t I? I have 28 to get through so let’s crack on!


Okay so starting on the top row I have.. I’m joking, I’m joking. First up are my top coats.


From left to right there is: the 3-in-1 basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener which is just called “Clear”, the matt top coat “MTC”, a limited edition one that’s name has smudged off, “Rose Quartz”, “Mermaid” from the Aquarium collection and “Silver”, which can be used as a top coat or its own colour if two coats are applied. There is only one of these that I am disappointed in and that has to be “Mermaid”, hardly any of the glitter comes out at all when you apply it and it just made my nails look silly. I don’t like my nails looking silly.


Next are my paler colours, I don’t want to say nudes or naturals because two of them are white soooo????? Anyhoo, left to right, “Coconut”, “Pearl” and “Lychee”. I adore these three colours. They require two coats to be completely opaque but I expect that anyway. I find “Lychee” to be the perfect nude for my pale skin tone but I can imagine it suiting everyone!


Next are my more pinky colours, if you excuse the one on the right. Surprisingly I don’t wear pink nail varnish all that often but I do love it, especially with a matt top coat. Again, left to right (that’s the last time I’m telling you because you should have caught on by now) “Blossom”- how cute is that please, “Dragon Fruit”, “Pink Flamingo” and “Passion Fruit”. “Passion Fruit” is more of a pinky orange but on camera looks really orange, but I promise it is a really b-e-a-u-tiful colour.


These next two look practically the same colour but both “Raspberry” and “Poppy” are perfect for the Autumn/Winter time. “Poppy” has a gorgeous sheen and it looks sort of two tone, but not really- do you know what I mean? Probably not.


Next up are my blues. Now, I didn’t realise how many blues I actually have but my gosh I love them. These are “Blue Moon”, “Blueberry”, “Guava”, “Pacific” from the Aquarium collection, “Indigo” and “Navy” which is actually the colour I wore for prom. I love love looove all of these….apart from one. “Blue Moon” takes about a billion coats to be opaque and I just don’t have that kind of patience or time. Out of these I would say that “Guava” and “Pacific” are my favourite.


Lately I have been loving green nails, and “Watermelon” and “Cardamom” are the perfect greens for your nails. They are also great for the Autumn, Winter AND Spring time. “Cardamom” only takes one coat, I repeat, ONE COAT to be opaque, I swear I almost cried.


I apologise for the shadow, English weather is awful, however it does add more of a dramatic feel to my black polishes. These are “Black”- inventive… and “Espresso”. I do prefer my matt black because it is so cool and I know when it’s dry because it just turns matt.


These are the two browns that I have, “Cappuccino” and “Vintage Violet”- which, as you can see and probably guess, is more of a purple toned brown. These again are great for Autumn/Winter and are so bloody adorable. I never thought I would call brown adorable but you just have to trust me on this one.


Last but not least is “Prickly Pear”. I don’t really understand the name because pears are green but it’s a cute colour nonetheless. The pale ‘gelly’ colours are amazing in pigmentation considering they are only £3.99 (obvs that may vary depending on where you buy it but yeah, cheap). Two coats are needed but very rarely does a polish only need one coat, I’m looking at you “Cardamom”.

So that’s it for my Barry M nail varnishes! I do have another 30 odd polishes from various but let’s be honest, who wants to go through ~60 nail varnishes? And considering half of my collection is Barry M, I think we know my favourites. Also, did you like my kitchen towel background? I did. I’m going to go and decide what I wan’t to do on my nails now that I have looked at them all, and have lunch, goodbye for now little buns!