September Favourites 2014!

Hey guys! I can’t believe that September is nearly over already! It feels like this year has absolutely flown by! Since Autumn is my favourite season I thought it would be a great time to do my first ever monthly favourites. So go and grab a nice hot chocolate and snuggle up for a good read.

My favourite (new) song this month has got to be ‘Shake it off‘ by the one and only Taylor Swift. I love how its basically just a massive f*ck you to everyone who has ever criticised her, and it is soooo catchy. Another song I have been loving this month is ‘When I was your man‘ by Bruno Mars, I don’t know why I have grown to love it so much this particular month but I can’t stop singing it.

This month I got my job at the hairdressers, so why not talk about some hair things that I have been loving? I have particularly enjoyed Avons ‘Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil‘. It smells so amazing and makes my hair feel super smooth. It also helps to tame any fly-aways I may have! I have also been wearing my hair in French or Dutch braids constantly. Its so easy to wear them day or night and then take them out and have a lovely heat-less wavy hairstyle! When using heat I have been using the Toni&Guy ‘Heat Protection Mist‘, it smells pretty pleasant and doesn’t make my hair sticky like the last one I used (I’m looking at you Schwarzkopf).

One make-up product I have been loving this September is the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, it’s just so great for an every-day or evening look, Autumn/Winter time in particular. Each shadow is so pigmented and smooth to the touch. Whenever I’m stuck for make-up ideas I always reach for this palette. If you are looking for a great high end palette, this is the one. My favourite lipstick for fall, which also happens to be the one I am wearing in the picture above, is the Rimmel Kate Moss matt lipstick in 107. It is not drying on my lips in the slightest and is the perfect lip colour for the colder weather.

There are two things in the ‘food&drink’ category that I have been addicted to this September. Numero uno is red pepper hummus. I just can’t get enough of it! On sandwiches, crackers, veggies, anything. Another thing I have been loving is hot chocolate, particularly the Cadbury hot chocolate. It’s just so smooth and creamy, it instantly makes me feel all warm and cosy.

My favourite item of clothing this month has been my care bear onesie, which I only got last week, but I have been wearing it as often as I can. It is so comfortable (and pink!!) AND part of the money goes to helping women with breast cancer.

There is one shop that I have not been able to stay out of this month…Lush. I don’t actually have baths all that often, but when I do, a lush product makes an appearance. The smells are just, wow. And my skin always feels amazing afterwards. I have never had any product that has irritated my skin and they fight against animal testing. Also, everyone who works there is an absolute babe. I always feel so welcome in Lush!

I didn’t know if I was going to include this because it’s so difficult trying to decide but here it is, my favourite youtuber of September…Arden Rose. I just love this woman so much. I just love her attitude and sense of humour. She is also so incredibly pretty it’s unreal.

And last but not least is my favourite app. Instagram. I don’t know what it is but recently I just cant get off it. I can sit scrolling through it for hours on end, I’m just so nosey.

So that’s it for today! I don’t know when I will be posting again this week, it might have to be Sunday, but if so then I will see you then! If you cant wait that long then I am always active on my social media in the evenings (plug plug plug)




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Goodbye for now little buns!


How to: Recover from a broken nail

Guess who’s back (back, back), back again (gain, gain) Chloe’s back (back, back), tell a friend… Okay no seriously tell all your friends. They should come visit me too.

ANYWHOOOO, you may have seen on my instagram that I was cleaning my room before and broke a nail, *sigh*. I don’t think I have ever seen a blog post about broken nails so here I am, #trendsetter.

I’m just going to slip in a little disclaimer here. I am not a nail technician nor are my nails the most perfect things you have ever seen. I can’t even paint my nails without painting all the skin around them. Okay so now that you can’t hold anything against me, let’s begin.


Here’s the “before” picture, wasn’t really thinking about the background all that much at this point in time, please forgive me.

If you just stumbled across this post and want to do it along with me, here are the things you will need:

  • nail clippers
  • nail file
  • nail buffer
  • hardening base and top coat
  • any nail polish of your choice.

That last one is optional but everyone likes painted nails, don’t they?
The first thing you want to do is cry. Okay I’m joking but seriously like I grew them myself and was so proud and then the end just flung off, what else do you expect me to do?


Start by clipping off all of the other nails that you spent so long trying to grow, you might also want to cry a bit when you do this. They don’t have to be neat at all, just shorten them so that your broken nail blends in more.


Then use your nail file to neaten them up, make sure that there are no sharp edges, and eliminate any thin parts of the nail that are also prone to breakage.


Then use a nail buffer to smooth over your nails. Pay particular attention to the bottom of the broken nail so that there is no distinct change in texture as layers of the nail may be missing from where it has snapped off unevenly.


Then you just want to paint them- neater than I can. I just used the Barry M “3-in-1 nail hardener, base coat and top coat” and then the new(!) Barry M gelly nail polish in “Cardamom”. So Autumn.

I hope I helped someone out there, even if it was 1 of 7 billion people that could possibly have read this. (If that is you, you’re so welcome).

As you have all probably been able tell by now, I love Barry M nail polishes. Would you guys like to see my collection or is that just boring? Just let me know and if so I will have it up asap. Have a great day/night/week/month/life. Goodbye for now little buns!

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Lush Butterball Review!

I just had to have a bath for you guys, the things I do for you… Hello again! Today I will be doing a little review of the lush Butterball bath bomb. And they are not lying when they say bomb.


As you can see its just a little white ball with “Lush” on it, cuuute. On the lush website it says:

“If you have dry, sensitive or irritated skin, this is the bath bomb to replenish it. Once the cocoa butter pieces have melted, your skin will be coated by a light buttery film that smells good enough to eat. Ylang ylang is used in aromatherapy to treat stress and depression, as well as relaxing the nervous system, and relieves anger, panic and fear.”

That’s a pretty big claim but wow, I mean, I obviously expected a nice bath but that was a NICE bath. I didn’t actually read what it says on the website until now, I just knew that it smelt amazing and was £2.50 so obviously I bought it. At the minute I am feeling particularly down and stressed and this is just what I needed, I honestly nearly fell asleep in the bath. It has made my skin feel absolutely amazing and smell like heaven.


As it’s fizzing away you can see little brown flecks of cocoa butter rise to the surface and these stick to you as you get in! As I rubbed my legs though they vanished and made my skin super smooth. One thing I would say is don’t try and shave your legs when you use this in your bath…that doesn’t work, which, if I had read the website, I would have known, but I didn’t. The film kinda makes shaving your legs (successfully) impossible. It also looks mega cool as it fizzes, well, explodes- LIKE A BOMB (see what I did there???).


It also reminds me of porridge but that’s not the point I’m trying to make. There are only 6 ingredients, 3 of which are natural and the other 3 are safe synthetics. This product is entirely vegan and lush do not test on animals or use products that have been tested on animals- yay! I will probably go and buy heaps more of the Butterball bath bomb because its so so cheap and so so lovely!

So I guess that’s all for now, goodbye little buns!


MOTD: Shopping!

Once again, I didn’t get a post up when I said I would, but let’s be honest, when does that ever happen? I was planning on a nail tutorial as my second post on Thursday but it all went t*ts up so here I am on Sunday instead. Hi. I bought that white T-shirt today and it makes me feel like a bad*ss.

I got my first ever pay check so shopping was 100% necessary, but because I have posted haul after haul, I won’t do another one because quite frankly, it gets a bit boring. And I will probably have more interesting hauls in the near future. So instead, why don’t we have a look at my makeup from today?


I tried to make my eyes look A) Not hooded and B) Not puffy as I was out on the lash last night but it didn’t exactly work… oh well. I look very surprised at something on the floor, God knows what. I also never realised how weirdly shaped my nose is…


For my base I used The Body Shop foundation in shade 2 with the obvious choice of the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in “01- fair” under my eyes (and blended outwards towards my ears), down the bridge of my nose, in between my eyebrows, on my cupids bow and finally, on my chinny chin. Then I set this with the Rimmel Clear Complexion translucent powder. I also sprayed my face with a tiny bit of water before moving on because Wayne Goss (the absolute babe) said to use rose water to make your makeup look less cakey but I don’t have that and water is working perfectly fine for me!


Then I used Benefits high beam on my cheekbones and cupids bow and the dandelion blush on my cheeks (duhh).


I followed that up with my favourite bronzer- Bourjois Delice de Poudre in shade number 51. I put this in the hollows of my cheeks to make me look thinner, on the top of my forehead to make it look smaller, under my bottom lip to make it look more plump, down the sides of my nose to make it appear more narrow and finally under my jawline to make it look like I don’t in fact have a double chin. I really do love my bronzer.


As per usual I started off my eyes with my nars smudge proof eyeshadow base. If you have particularly oily eyelids and/or hooded eyes like myself, this is an absolute life saver. I then used the light brown colour from this mini Urban Decay palette on the inner corner of my eyes and blended out as a sort of ‘wash’ of colour. Then I put the darkest colour on the outer corners, in the crease I wish I had and underneath my eyes. I also put a teeny tiny bit of the light champagney colour in my inner corners. I then lined my waterline with my trusty George white eye liner and my top lash line with my BarryM Blink waterproof eye liner. I finished my eyes off with the Benefit They’re Real mascara et voila!


Chloe is the name, brows are the game. I firstly use Benefits brow zings in “medium” and then blend a bit of that dark brown colour from a little ‘palette’ I’ve had for a billion years because my hair is so super dark now. I then top it off with the Maybelline brow drama in “medium brown” which I have grown to love.


For my lips I just slapped on this Nivea cherry lip balm and a Revlon lip butter in “berry smoothie”.


I am the best at back grounds, aren’t I…? Let’s just ignore my room. And the reflection on my glasses. I have finished the post but I don’t think I’m quite ready to stop talking to you guys so I’ll tell you a little bit about last night.

I went to a friends 18th who I went to school with but haven’t spoken to them in like a year and it was so nice to catch up! I knew half the people there from my old school and then made friends with his college friends and it was so lovely because everyone go along so well! We also did shots with his Mum, it was great. At one point I got my hands on the remote for the music, so as soon as everyone started screaming the songs at the top of their voices, I would pause it, and as soon as they pressed play, I would pause it again. I am so evil but my word it was funny. I made friends when people realised I was doing it so I guess everyone has a little evil streak in them. That’s all I can properly remember of the night, apart from somehow destroying my jeans, I think I might have tried to do the splits. But yeah, that’s it for today, goodbye for now little buns!


“Sisterhood of the World Bloggers” AND “One Lovely Blog” Awards!

Okay so because I am too lazy to make two separate posts I am just going to bundle these into one! I also want to get another post out today if possible (if not, maybe Sunday?) which is going to take some time so doing these together just seemed like a fun idea. And look a picture of me from around about the time I started my blog, aw. So thank you to both Mimi and Lara for nominating me for these awards! If you haven’t checked these guys out already- go do it now! Aaaaand then please come back and read my post…please?

Sisterhood of the world bloggers questions!

1. What is your favourite eye shadow palette?
HOW on Earth am I supposed to choose?! There are so many weird and wonderful palettes out there so I don’t know if I have a favourite! I would say the palette I use the most is my urban decay naked 3 palette, especially in the Autumn/Winter time.

2. Drugstore or high-end makeup brands?
These questions aren’t easy, huh? Because I am only 17 the majority of my collection is from the drugstore but there is just something so luxurious about high-end products that I love. I wouldn’t know how to choose between the two!

3.  Favourite concealer?
The concealer I always go back to is the “collection lasting perfection”, which I am sure you have all heard billions of times before, but I am yet to find a concealer that I truly love.

4. What’s the best mascara you own?
For overall wowness and staying power I would have to say the Benefit They’re Real! mascara. Buuuuut I am a fan of the Avon Supershock for my top lashes, just not the bottom because it comes right off.

5. What’s the best product you own under £4?
It’s going to have to be my Nivea Lip Butters. They are so creamy and, well…buttery.

6. If you could only wear one type of product eg. foundation, mascara, lipstick etc, for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Either brow zings by Benefit or any type of mascara. If I was allowed to dye my eyebrows then probably mascara.

7. Biggest weakness when buying makeup?
I just want everything.

8. What’s your favourite shade of lipstick/gloss?
Although I love lip products I tend to stick to my lip balms on a day to day basis. For a good all-rounder I would so recommend the Revlon Lip Butter in “Berry Smoothie”, I always go back to it.

9. Coloured eye-liner – yay or nay?
Waterline- no, white all the way (on myself). However on my actual lid I think it looks pretty swanky.

10. What’s your everyday skin care routine?
I have a post on this here! But to be honest sometimes I am far too tired to do this whole routine before bed. I recently bought some face wipes by Cherish called “Ageless Cleansing Wipes” and I love them! My skin feels so soft and my pores are tightened and some days, well, most days all I am using is one wipe and then going straight to bed and I can’t believe how nice my skin looks! I’m sure I got these for something ridiculous like £1.

One Lovely Blog- 7 facts about me!

1. I have done a 50 Facts About Me post here!

2. I get very attached very quickly.

3. Almost everything gives me anxiety.

4. I have no off switch, no matter who I am around I am still an absolute weirdo. This paid off at a party though, I won’t say anything now just in case I am making a mountain out of a molehill but I will keep you all updated!

5. Sometimes my skin just falls off my fingers, no biggie.

6. I don’t know what I want to do in life. I can’t see myself comfortably in any type of job, I just know that I love to sing and play with make up.

7. I go to a pub quiz every week and we always make our name quiz related- for example, Quizteama Aguilera, Quiztopher Columbus, Agatha Quizteam. We also won last night as Quiz Tarrant.

Now here comes the nominations part. I’m not really a fan of doing this because I think that each and every one of you deserves nominations for both of these awards- so, I nominate every single one of my followers for these awards if you haven’t been nominated already! Especially new blogger Joelle! Goodbye for now little buns!


Update! September 2014.

Hey Guys! I’m not sure when I last posted but it feels like it has been ages, maybe just because a lot has happened since then. Sooo here’s just a little update.

On the picture above, I had been wearing my make up from 7:30am to 6pm, please excuse it.

Last week a family friend who is Canadian but lives in Germany came over for the week and we crammed a lot in, including Alton Towers, Bowling and being drunk for two days…oops. To be fair I only had 2 hours sleep. Needless to say I had an amazing week. It absolutely flew by and I can’t wait to be able to go to Germany to see her some day (hopefully next year).

I also got a phone call from the owner of a salon/hairdressers asking me to come in for a training day, which I did, and then the day after, and the day after that! I am going into College on Monday and will be working the majority, so please forgive me if posts are staggered. I do plan to have a post up on Wednesday, hopefully nothing else gets in the way!  I also was planning on doing a “mane n tail” review next month of my hair growth but on the first day in the salon they did my hair for me! Hence why the picture above is a random selfie, I wanted to show you guys my new hair. I had noticed about a two inch growth from when I started using it on the 25th of August so I will continue to use it and keep you guys updated on how I like it! Also, after never ever using heat apart from special occasions, I now have to wear my hair out every day- aka use heat on it, wonderful.

For those people who are new to following me (hi and thank you) I left school earlier this year to focus on my mental health. At the minute I would say I am average, I have my ups and downs but doesn’t everyone? After about a week and a half of feeling great today I just broke down and cried, I haven’t even been able to eat yet, but I will, don’t worry, I don’t plan on going down that road again. I think the reality of things is just getting on top of me. As much as I love the apprenticeship I will be doing it is hard work and very fast paced, no sitting down at all and a lot to learn. For someone who gets stressed by the littlest things, that’s not the easiest job going. I also think I have costochondritis for the fourth time running. If you don’t know what that is it’s basically really bad chest pains, caused by stress, with no cure unless you stop being stressed, it’s great. Note the sarcasm there, however it does sound very exotic.

I saw Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway last night. Peter Andre sung the absolute anthem that is “Mysterious Girl” and I felt like a child again. I fancy all three of them, not going to lie.

I think I more or less covered everything, apart that I chipped two nails whilst bowling so now my nails are short again. Also four boys like me at once and I am so not interested in having a boyfriend right now, had this been any time before about march of this year I would be over the moon but right now I just can’t be bothered if I’m honest. I don’t think I’m ready. ANYHOO I hope you all have an amazing day, goodbye for now little buns!

-Rest in peace to all those to died in 9/11, gone but never forgotten-

beauty, makeup, skin care


Okay so before I even started my blog I had a little space in my drawer for products that I have used up, I suppose that I thought I would have the balls to start a youtube channel by now but it appears not. I have just been piling these things up so I thought I would show you what I have used and give you a cheeky little review of each product. 


I’ll start with the first product I used up, the Revlon Colorstay concealer, in, no surprise, “01-fair”. I would say that it is a light-medium coverage, especially for dark circles. The smell isn’t all that noticeable and it doesn’t crease that much under my eyes. I would be tempted to repurchase this but I would use it more to cover up redness like the scar on my nose. From what I can remember it was around £8 which is reasonable but I would like a better coverage.


Next is another concealer. As you can see this is well loved and has almost no label left on the product. I feel like everyone and their dog has used this product, and in case you hadn’t guessed, it is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in, you guessed it, “1-fair”. This is also not full coverage however it covers enough for me to be happy with, I haven’t found any concealer that can fully cover my dark under eyes so for the time being this will do me. It does smell a little funky but to be honest I haven’t noticed a smell until I just took a sniff. For just under £4 you can’t really complain. I am on my third tube of this so I probably would, and will, repurchase this.


I have a special place in my heart for lip balm and with my love of Palmer’s cocoa butter I was super happy when I got this a while back. However I wasn’t overly impressed. It does smell amazing but its fairly thin and slippy, like those sweet scented ones that you can get in a pack of 4 for £1, you know? I also bought this when my lips were really quite chapped and there was no difference in my lips at all after using the whole thing. It does have SPF 15 which I was happy about when I was in and out of the sun and didn’t burn my lips, which I have done before and it is not fun. It was only £2 so I would be tempted to try it again but maybe the lip butter rather than the lip balms because I can imagine that to be thicker.


I can’t get enough of this stuff. As you can see this is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It lasted me about 3-4 months which I thought was great as I was using it every night and most mornings. There is no fragrance whatsoever and it doesn’t sting my face at all which I was chuffed with. I have had no trouble getting every last bit of make up off with this magical water. I have repurchased this already and I will probably continue to do so, especially at around £4 a bottle. 


 There is no way I have normal skin but this cream is blue and I was like WOAH BLUE CREAM and bought it. It claims to provide “long lasting moisture” and for your skin to “appear more radiant and youthful”. Being a ‘youth’ I didn’t really notice a difference in that respect but my skin was definitely more hydrated and this soaks into your skin so quick which was great when I had to be out the house by 7:45am. I can’t remember how much this was but it was from Aldi so as you can probably imagine it was super cheap.


This is a weird one but I do use deodorant so why not stick it in here. Its also from the same brand as the moisturiser and I wanted to keep the theme going. I remember picking this up when I had no money and, of course, no deodorant. Normally my under arms can be quite sensitive and I was surprised that this didn’t actually sting, even after shaving! It also didn’t choke me which my current Garnier one is doing at the moment. I definitely would repurchase this and again, as it’s from Aldi, it’s super cheap.


So, I also don’t have oily skin but my skin goes crazy when I am stressed (all the time) and before that time of the month and I get a little scared when using an oil based moisturiser when my skin is having a little tantrum. This kept my skin moisturised without giving me extra spots or worsening the ones I had, win! I do have the “dry and sensitive skin” version of this and I like them both. The only problem is that I can’t use either of them if my face is having an extra sensitive day because both of them sting. They are around the £3 mark, give or take, so I would consider repurchasing them but they aren’t top of my list.


Last but not least, my little stash of Simple products. In my time I have had many simple products, the three above which are the “eye make-up remover”, the “soothing facial toner” and the “hydrating light moisturiser”. I have also had the “foamy facial cleanser” (I think that’s what it’s called) and my current favourite “illuminating radiance cream”. I do love all of the Simple products as they aren’t pricey so are good for those on a budget, *cough cough* me, and they have never irritated my skin. Personally I am not a fan of the cleansers and will stick to my magic water and my soap&glory “peaches and clean” but I adore the other products. I have repurchased the toner 3 times, the moisturiser twice (I do need another though) and the eye make up remover twice. I have a feeling I will always go back to some Simple products, no matter what else I find. And no this isn’t sponsored in any way, shape, or form, I just really like Simple.

So that’s it for today folks! I am planning two Autumn/Winter make up looks for you guys so be on the look out for them! Hope you have a great day, goodbye for now little buns!