The Liebster Award!

Hi guys! I was nominated by the wonderful sshhbeauty to do the Liebster Award…thing. It is shared from blog to blog, letting all of us little blogs get to know each other. Whoever has nominated you will come up with 11 questions for you to answer and then you create 11 for 11 other blogs (with less than 1000 followers) to answer. And then it just goes on and on really. Who knows when it will end!

So, here are my 11 questions to answer!

1.Necklaces or bracelets – forever?

If I am honest with you, I don’t really wear either. I went through a phase of wearing about 20 bracelets every day but now I barely remember to change my earrings! But if I had to pick I would go with necklaces.

2.Name a product that you have more than 3 of.

Everything apart from concealer… That’s so bad.

3.Do you like sweet or savoury food?

Sweet all the way. But I like salted caramel chocolate and I used to dip my McDonalds chips into my milkshake, so I guess a combination of the two. I know, I’m disgusting.

4.What’s your biggest fear?

I actually have a phobia of death and if I think about it too long I get panic attacks and hallucinate, so I’m gonna stop now…

5.What do you spend more on – lipstick or foundation?

Foundation definitely, I barely wear lipstick because I cant make the commitment to reapply it properly after I eat or drink. Lipbalm all the way!

6.How long have you been blogging for?

Since May 21st!

7.What’s one colour that you would never wear?

Neon yellow. It does not suit me in any way, shape or form.

8.Would you rather never wear face products or never wear eye products?

HOW CAN YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM?! I think it would have to be face, otherwise you won’t know where my eyes are.

9.Only shampoo or only conditioner?

Shampoo if I was allowed to use oils on my hair.

10.Name a summer staple of yours for this year.

Am I allowed to say banoffee protein pancakes? Probably not. But, hey, I did.

11.Do you have a post that you aspire to write in the future?

I am actually sooo bad with coming up with posts to write. Sometimes I have loads of ideas and will write down so I am prepared for a couple weeks but usually I am desperately trying to think of something interesting to write about.

Here are the people I nominate!













Here are the 11 questions that I want you guys, or even anyone who is reading this post, to answer!

1. How many people can you say that you completely trust?

2. Eyebrows or eyeliner?

3. Are you a ‘little bun’?

4. What is your most favourite purchase ever?

5. Do you prefer to wear jeans or dresses?

6. What are your favourite type of blogs to read?

7. Do you have more male or female friends?

8. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

9. How often do you use heat on your hair?

10. How long do you spend blogging (on average) per week?

11. What song means the most to you right now?

That’s all for now, goodbye little buns!


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