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I bought things…again.

I’m going to kill wordpress in a minute- this is my third attempt at this bloody post, third time lucky, eh? I will try and make this as short as I can but you know me, you might want to run and get a cuppa before you start reading…

Last weekend, after walking round Ikea for hours on end, I bought two things. Two. 


Candles. How very predictable of me. But who doesn’t love a good candle. These were 98p each and smell so amazing, as you can see, one is strawberry and the other is apple. I refuse to burn these until my room has finished being redecorated so I just keep pulling them out of the drawer for a sniff. B-e-a-u-tiful.

On Wednesday my Mum ordered me some shoes from Very (thanks Mum, if you’re reading. If you are- how the hell did you find my blog?).


FRESH CONVERSE *heavy breathing*. These were supposed to be off-white but are clearly cream. Not that I care- I have worn them 3 times already. From what I can remember, these were £27, not bad, not bad at all.


I wasn’t actually expecting these until next week but OH MYYY. These came yesterday and I have never been so excited, there was also a lot of bubble wrap for me to play with. I have seen so many mixed reviews on the “Mane n Tail” products so I just wanted to try it out for myself. I am yet to wash my hair with these as I have only had them for 24 hours but I have unscrewed them and had a little sniff and wow. I don’t quite know what I was expecting them to smell like but my gosh they smell amazing. They also look like they could grow in the dark which looks pretty cool. Oh and they were £7 for the set off amazon.

Yesterday I took a little trip to the Trafford Centre and, well, things happened. I had to go and buy presents for my sister-in-law, Emily, and so that was the perfect excuse to spend my results money (Again, thanks Mum).


First up was Superdrug and I got this Barry M brow kit that I picked up for Emily. Her brow game is not so strong as she has a habit of rubbing her eyebrows off (w h a t) but hopefully she will be all sorted with this. At £5.99 you can’t really complain.


I really did try to resist buying another nail varnish but I just couldn’t. Barry M make up 1/3 of my nail varnish collection, I just love them. This one is called “Watermelon” and reminds me of a Autumn/Winter version of “Guava” which I adore. All their nail varnishes are around the £4 mark which isn’t too bad. The one I have on in the picture is called “Lychee”.


The last thing I got from Superdrug  was this Herbal Essences “bee strong” masque (I see what you did there). As you can probably guess, it smells like honey. It is super creamy and I just wanted a good hair masque really. It did help that it was on offer for £1.50.


I don’t think it is possible to simply walk past Hotel Chocolat. Their chocolate is seriously the best. I picked up one of these for Emily and one for my Dad for being a good sport and coming shopping. They are £2 each which isn’t really that bad, just don’t look at the prices of the other things they sell.

Then, we went to The Body Shop, you can see where this is going.


Just as we were walking towards the door a woman caught are attention at the word “sale”. I have super bad skin on my hands so any hand lotion is lovingly welcomed. These were £3.50 for two so I picked up the Shea one for my Mum, well, because that’s the one she wanted and then got the Strawberry one for myself because it smells like calpol. I was so hooked on that stuff as a child. It could cure anything.


THEN we noticed a 3 for 2 sign. Oh dear. I have been searching for a good dark red for a while and “crazy sexy crimson” caught my eye. I wasn’t sure if it was dark enough for what I wanted but one of the lovely ladies who worked there was wearing it with their “mahogany” pencil and she looked like a beautiful vampire, and because I wanted to look like one too, I got both. I then got my Mum the “the right mauves” lipstick because she has no lipstick that she really loves and she refuses to buy things for herself.


I was so close to the till when I heard my Mum shout “Chloe! They have a foundation shade pale enough for YOU!” (I know it doesn’t look that pale in the picture but just go with it). I immediately ran over to look for myself and there it was. Just begging for me to buy it…so I did. I have this on today and words cannot describe. A pale foundation that isn’t pink. I am in love. This one is in shade “02”, I’m not sure if there is an “01” but it wasn’t in the shop when I was there. I am very impressed with this foundation as it just looks like skin however it does gather a little around my eczema, but then again, what foundation doesn’t? No seriously, I’d love to know. It is a medium coverage but definitely buildable. For £13 I am a very happy bunny.

And the last stop, lush. I blame V for this. After reading her lush haul I just had to go.


I was going to show you them individually but I can’t open one of them as its a present and I can’t figure out how to open the others without ripping them. Apologies. 

I firstly picked up “pop in the bath” for Emily. It is such a cute bubble bar with a little flower on the top. Her and my brother have just moved house so I figured this would be perfect for that little bit of “me time”. Also, who doesn’t like lush? 

Then I just rapidly picked three more things up without even realising. The first was “butterball”, I have heard so many amazing things about this so I bought this as my skin needs some summer lovin’. It smells so creamy and lovely, I just can’t wait to use it. Next is one I just bought for the name, “granny takes a dip”- what? It is super colourful though which is mega cool. Lastly I picked up the “you’ve been mangoed” bath melt because I can only imagine how nice this will make my skin feel. Everything from lush smells amazing but I am awful at describing scents so I suppose you are just going to have to go in there and smell them yourself! 😉


As I got to the till the really nice, and intimidatingly attractive, cashier asked if I would like to donate £2 to charity and get 2 charity pots and a free bath bomb- erm, yes!! These smell like perfume, I say “these” but I have only managed to open one, I’M WEAK. He chose the “sex bomb” bath ballistic for me- coincidence? I think not.

Done and dusted! I hope you enjoyed my haul and it made you want to go shop. If you have any of the above, let me know what you think! Right, I’m off to cower in the corner like a dog that’t just been told off and cry at the damage to my bank account. Okay, maybe I’m being a little unrealistic, I’m actually going to do the ice bucket challenge…again (I knew I shouldn’t have nominated my brother). If you haven’t done it, this is me nominating you- GO DO IT! Good bye for now little buns!

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My top ten tips (ooh alliteration) on how to get over someone

Alrighty, so I am a little hesitant to do this post as I have never actually had a boyfriend, I have had a very hard time with one person in particular but never been in a relationship. And to be honest I’m not really eager to be in one, too much hassle for my liking. And the fact that I would have to spend money on them and not make up. But one of my friends said that I give great advice and should to a post on it (Shoutout to Joelle!). So, here goes, my tips on “getting over” someone.

1. Remember that you don’t need them. You do not need anyone at all to be able to love yourself. Not one single person. Sure, it’s nice knowing that someone truly loves you for who you are but once you love yourself for who you are, you don’t need anyone. Just remember that you are f*cking awesome. 

2. Don’t beat yourself up about it. No matter what or how it happened, don’t blame yourself. If the relationship was meant to be, then it would have lasted, but sometimes these things happen for the better. I don’t speak to one of my closest friends in the world any more, and yeah it feels pretty sh*t, but there is no point trying to force something that just isn’t going to work. Everything happens for a reason. Do not blame yourself.

3. Pretend they don’t exist. So yeah this sounds pretty harsh, but just forget that they exist. Delete their number, unfriend them on facebook, block them on twitter, ALL of it. Because then their name isn’t popping up at every given opportunity, making you feel like crap. Also, this stops you from contacting them, from giving in. If they reeeally wanted to contact you, they would. By doing this you also aren’t seeing all those pictures of them with another girl/boy, making you feel even more like crap. So just delete every picture, conversation, profile, and be done with it.

4. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. I know some, well, most people will hate this one, but I really like this quote. I bet you had some amazing times that you will remember forever with that person, and maybe you can relive these with someone else. Every little thing that happens to you is a memory for you to cherish, whether that be good or bad, its what has made your life unique. I mean, yeah it wasn’t fun crying on a bathroom floor for four hours, falling over at prom or watching the person I really loved be in and out of relationships with other people, but they are all memories that have given me a story to tell. 

5. There’s plenty more fish in the sea. I know this is the last thing you want to hear right now, but it’s really true. Even though, to you, the last person you were with is like an absolute God and the only person you ever want to be with, there are so many more people out there who in comparison make your ‘ex’ look like a skid mark. I’m just saying.

6. Don’t live on hope. This is a big one for me. I liked the same person for 5 years, yes you read that right. And it was because they constantly gave me hope that something- anything -would happen. He would constantly compliment me and hug me, get jealous when I talked to other guys and we would talk for hours on end. He even told me to “see what happens in the future”. And because of that I constantly hoped that one day I would be good enough for him, that he would finally love me too (deep). So, after leaving school in May, I haven’t contacted him at all, sure he’s popped up once or twice, but I know that nothing else is going to happen, so I don’t waste my time trying any more.

7. You ARE good enough. This kinda links in with points 2 and 6, but don’t think that it ended or that they aren’t with you because you aren’t good enough. Just because they don’t appreciate how amazing you are doesn’t mean that you aren’t amazing. Did that even make sense? You know what I mean. Someone somewhere thinks that you are an absolute Queen/King and will fall in love with everything about you. You’re f*cking cool.

8. Keep yourself healthy. I know a lot of people who have broke up with someone or had a hard time with someone and stopped eating, or completely over indulged (*cough cough* me…). If you eat better, you feel better. Also, healthy food can taste absolutely amazing. If you want me to make any healthy, vegetarian food posts (even pizza), let me know. Obviously everyone likes junk food every now and then, but not on the daily. Go out on long walks, let out your anger or pain in the gym, and make them sorry for what they have lost 😉

9. Its a great reason for a good pampering. I’m talking face masks, nails, hair, make up. I always feel great when I have my nails freshly painted, a face mask on and new make up to try out. Everyone loves a good make over, a new look for a new chapter of your life. Whether that be just getting some layers, dying your hair a different colour or chopping it off, you will feel so much more confident and not like the person you were a few weeks ago. Boys, the hair situation applies to you too, go spikey, beachy, longer, shorter- something different. And I know some boys who love face masks, so you may want to give them a try, be careful with peel off ones if you have any facial hair. Stick on some good, HAPPY music too. Music really does affect your mood.

10. And last but not least, stay around your friends and family. You probably don’t want to leave the house, I get it, but keeping yourself cooped up all by yourself is not going to help the situation at all. Go out and have a good time with your friends or family, these people will, most likely, be more angry at the person you are trying to forget than you are, so they will want to to be happy, completely forget about them and move on. If you reeeeally don’t want to leave the house, invite them round. Watch a good “rom-com” with face masks, food (I’ll let you have pizza for this one) and whatever else you all enjoy!

So there’s my top ten tips! I hope I helped you in some way, remember, they are poo and you are fabuloso, goodbye for now little buns! 


Mini Haul!

So I went to get a cleanser and game back with a bit more- and pizza! To be quite honest I’m surprised that I came back with the cleanser because normally I forget what I actually went for. So- let’s dive right in!


The first thing I picked up was this absolute beauty. I don’t know how or why it works but I know that I love it. For someone with super sensitive skin this is great. There are no perfumes or alcohol (that I know of) in the product so it doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin. It also removes ALL of my makeup so effortlessly! And it’s hypoallergenic. It was around £5 but for a cleanser that I loooove in a 400ml bottle, who cares? Not me.


My second purchase was the Collection Lasting perfection concealer in “fair”. I wouldn’t say that this completely covers up my under eye circles but I am yet to find any product that does. It is fairly lightweight and very easy to blend, Its not particularly pink as well which I love because most pale products are pink toned and that just annoys me. This is my third tube so I must like it. I think this was about £3 but I don’t know because I binned the receipt immediately. REMOVE ALL EVIDENCE.


The next two things I picked up were top coats. I love the idea of making any of my nail varnish matt so I picked up one matt top coat and one normal one! They were both about £4 each, not bad, eh? The one on the right is also a base coat and a nail hardener- bonus! These are both by Barry M because I just LOVE their nail varnishes, especially the gelly nails, I can’t get enough of them! If you don’t own any Barry M product please try any of the gelly nails colours, please? I promise you will fall in love.


This next thing I got is kinda random. My Dad loves this anti-perspirant but won’t buy it because its nearly £4. I felt like I should buy him something because the other day I went to go the loo and my phone fell out of my pocket and some how slid underneath the bath, meaning he had to take off the side panel to get my phone out. He won’t let me get him chocolates so now he can smell nice instead.


I got these two for my little cousin, she’s like the sister I never had. Because she’s only 12 I don’t want to full on splurge on makeup for her but I did pick these two up….and order an eyeshadow and concealer palette online, whoops.  These were only £1 each! The lipstick is a gorgeous creamy coral colour in the shade “nectar”- cute – and the blusher is, as you can see, a plain pick colour in the shade “bubble gum”. I am so happy that they have started to properly name their products instead of them just being numbers, go MUA! 


Whilst I was in that section I spotted this matt lipstick. I got it in the colour “wild berry” as I am loving dark grungey colours at the moment. I know that I am going to wear it constantly in Autumn and Winter! I was a little disappointed when I swatched it though.


It is still a beautiful colour, but just not as dark as I had hoped, at all. 

And that is it! If you were wondering what colour nail varnish I had, well, have on it is just the Barry M matt black- surprise, surprise. I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a great day, goodbye for now little buns! 


The Liebster Award!

Hi guys! I was nominated by the wonderful sshhbeauty to do the Liebster Award…thing. It is shared from blog to blog, letting all of us little blogs get to know each other. Whoever has nominated you will come up with 11 questions for you to answer and then you create 11 for 11 other blogs (with less than 1000 followers) to answer. And then it just goes on and on really. Who knows when it will end!

So, here are my 11 questions to answer!

1.Necklaces or bracelets – forever?

If I am honest with you, I don’t really wear either. I went through a phase of wearing about 20 bracelets every day but now I barely remember to change my earrings! But if I had to pick I would go with necklaces.

2.Name a product that you have more than 3 of.

Everything apart from concealer… That’s so bad.

3.Do you like sweet or savoury food?

Sweet all the way. But I like salted caramel chocolate and I used to dip my McDonalds chips into my milkshake, so I guess a combination of the two. I know, I’m disgusting.

4.What’s your biggest fear?

I actually have a phobia of death and if I think about it too long I get panic attacks and hallucinate, so I’m gonna stop now…

5.What do you spend more on – lipstick or foundation?

Foundation definitely, I barely wear lipstick because I cant make the commitment to reapply it properly after I eat or drink. Lipbalm all the way!

6.How long have you been blogging for?

Since May 21st!

7.What’s one colour that you would never wear?

Neon yellow. It does not suit me in any way, shape or form.

8.Would you rather never wear face products or never wear eye products?

HOW CAN YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM?! I think it would have to be face, otherwise you won’t know where my eyes are.

9.Only shampoo or only conditioner?

Shampoo if I was allowed to use oils on my hair.

10.Name a summer staple of yours for this year.

Am I allowed to say banoffee protein pancakes? Probably not. But, hey, I did.

11.Do you have a post that you aspire to write in the future?

I am actually sooo bad with coming up with posts to write. Sometimes I have loads of ideas and will write down so I am prepared for a couple weeks but usually I am desperately trying to think of something interesting to write about.

Here are the people I nominate!













Here are the 11 questions that I want you guys, or even anyone who is reading this post, to answer!

1. How many people can you say that you completely trust?

2. Eyebrows or eyeliner?

3. Are you a ‘little bun’?

4. What is your most favourite purchase ever?

5. Do you prefer to wear jeans or dresses?

6. What are your favourite type of blogs to read?

7. Do you have more male or female friends?

8. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

9. How often do you use heat on your hair?

10. How long do you spend blogging (on average) per week?

11. What song means the most to you right now?

That’s all for now, goodbye little buns!

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I’ve had the time of my life, and I owe it all to Pixiwooooo

I mean, I don’t know, I was proud of that title. This isn’t going to be a long (or interesting) post but I HAD to share it. Yesterday, I met Pixiwoo. Now, if you are none the wiser to who I am actually referring to, they are youtubers, makeup artists and creators of the Real Techniques line.

Their brushes are absolutely amazing and if you don’t have one, put that top of your wish list. Personally my favourite is the Expert Face Brush, as you can use it for almost anything, I like to stipple and buff my foundation in with it.


Meeting them was so surreal, I waited in line, growing more nervous by the second and scared that I would just wet myself. Luckily I held it in. When it was my turn I was like “Oh God, this is it!” but they gave me a massive hug and were so cheery! They asked a ton of questions and seemed to be genuinely interested in their audience and spending some time with them. So instead of having my picture taken and then being ushered away I got to speak to them for a little while. Honestly the nicest people I have ever met. I don’t even know what to say, I’M OVERWHELMED.


Also because I am about five years old I drew them and gave them a card, as I have quite niftily pointed out there. Knowing that they have read that is just unreal. I have finally met these two people who I have been watching and admiring for years and I just cannot believe it.

I also promise that I was wearing make up but you cant really see it on that photo, well, you can’t really see me, I kind of blend in to the white background…


I really was not having a good selfie day but you can sort of see my makeup there.I don’t really know what else to say other than I think I cried a bit. Soooo that’s all for now, goodbye little buns!


Easy Festival/Boho hair!

Hello again you lovely people! Today I have attempted this super easy “boho chic” hair style which would be perfect for festivals or even cute little days at the beach (unless you are in the UK at the moment). The main thing that I like about this hair style is that it can be casual or formal and its NO HEAT!

To get my hair crazy mad but in a nice, kind of uniform way I french braided my hair whilst it was slightly damp and then slept in it over night. If you are thinking of doing this hairstyle for a party in the evening (on a Monday?) around five hours should be enough for the hair to fully dry and curl.


If you can’t do a french braid, just section off your hair and make around 4-8 plaits, depending on the length of your hair. This may cause the ends of your hair to be a little straighter than the rest but it still looks awesome.


This is how it looked the next morning, and when I say “the next morning”, I mean about half an hour ago. The next thing you want to do is look down slightly and then grab the chunks of hair at the front that get in the way, these are the ones we are going to plait. To plait them take a small section from the top, braid it normally and then add a section of hair to the strand nearest to your face, repeat one more time, and then just finish that section with a regular braid and tie it off with a small, thin bobble/hair tie. Repeat this on the other side.


Then you want to tug on the braid because that’s what the professionals do. If you have thin hair you really want to tug at it to not only make it slightly looser but to make it look thicker.


The next thing you want to do is grab both plaits and gently pull them across to the opposite side of your head. Then tuck the ends underneath the plaits and carefully pin in place, trying to hide the bobby pins as best as you can.

This final step is optional but it makes my hair smell, look and feel great so I like to do it.


Using a small amount of Avon’s Advanced Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil, or your preferred oil/serum, rub it between your hands and scrunch it through your hair so that you aren’t pulling the waves. And we’re finished!



I hope you liked this hair style! Let me know in the comments what you would like to see next time or if you just want me to shut up, goodbye for now little buns!