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Club Tropicana!

(drinks are freeee) Hey guys! I know I lied when I said in my last post that this would be up tomorrow, but it’s me, what did you expect? 😉 Today I have a “Club Tropicana” look for you which you can make wearable or just laugh at me because I had to answer the door three times with blue and purple eyebrows, your choice, really.


After prepping my skin and whatnot I started by applying Benefits POREfessional primer…which isn’t in this picture. Oops. Then I mixed a small amount of the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in “010- Light Porcelain” with the L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint foundation (which is basically water, its cool) in “100- Porcelain” because, believe it or not, I actually tried to tan a bit… It’s not very noticeable. I applied this using a fake beauty blender which is really bad and I should just get the real one, when I have money that is! I then followed that up with Collections Lasting Perfection concealer in “1- Fair” under my eyes with my ring finger.


For the powdery things on my face I used Bourjois Delice De Poudre bronzer in number “51”, I’m not even going to try and guess what the actual name of the shade is. I applied this with my Real Techniques blush brush in the hollows of my cheeks, on my temples, under my jaw, down the sides of my nose and just under my bottom lip, I dont really know why I do this, it just seems like a good idea. Following that I applied Sleeks blush in “Life’s a Peach” so that I don’t look dead. Then I used some of benefits “High Beam” across my cheekbones, down my nose, on my cupids bow and on my chin.

eyes collage

Moving on to eyes, I applied my Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and then George’s Satin Soft Khol Pencil in “02- White” all over my lids, on my brow bones, in my inner corners, on my water line and underneath my eyes, blending it in with my finger. To set it and make eyeshadows easier to blend I just used a matt white from the palette I will get onto in a minute buuuut once again I forgot to photograph it, nice one Chloe. Oh by the way, the white makes the colours look brighter, I don’t think I mentioned that.


To start I used this matt brown colour from the MUA “Heaven and Earth” palette (if you don’t have an MUA palette I would highly recommend getting one, they are £4 for 12 very pigmented eyeshadows, yay!) and blended it above my crease and underneath the white that I had placed under my eyes.


Then I used this yellow colour from my no name palette (that I have oh so conveniently pointed out there), that I can no longer find anywhere BUT looks remarkably similar to this palette-, and placed it in my inner corners and on the first third of my eyes.


Then I used this neon(ish) pink colour on the middle portion of my eyes and packed that on quite heavily. I didn’t blend it at this point because Im all for the easy life.


Then I used this really cute blue in the outer corners of my eyes aaaand yeah that’s all I did with that.


Then I blended the yellow and pink together with this bright orange colour and chose a purple, aka the one you will see in a minute, to blend the pink and blue together. For underneath my eyes I just repeated this process.


I used this blue and purple for my eyebrows because I thought I was being super swanky, and I really like that blue. And yes, that’s the purple I was talking about like 2 seconds ago. Okay, maybe not two seconds, I can’t type THAT fast. “THAT”…okay wait I can type “THAT” pretty fast. You can stop reading if you are done with my jokes, I don’t blame you.


Okay so then I put this super bright green in my pretend crease because I have hooded eyes (sob). Oh and by the way, this whole time I used the same regular eyeshadow brush and just wet it and wiped it every time, I find brighter colours work better with a damp brush. See, if you would have left before, you wouldn’t know that now, would you?


We’re nearly done, I promise. I lined my eyes very thinly with Maybellines Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in “01- Black” using an angled brush that I got free with a W7 “brow kit” that I bought and gave away ages ago, but the brush is really handy.


Next I curled my lashes with these 99p curlers (I’m a big spender, I know) and applied the Miss Sporty Studio Lash mascara in “1- black” and over top Avons Super Shock mascara in “black”. For my bottom lashes I used this Opia Lash Lengthening mascara in “Green” because I thought I wasn’t quite colourful enough.


Last, but most definitely not least, lips. I already had on some Nivea lip butter (the caramel cream one, so good, so very good) so then I used the Revlon lip butter in “Sweet Tart” and then for some unknown reason went over that with Rimmels Colour Rush ‘long lasting intense colour balm’ (not quite sure what I was meant to call that, there’s a lot of writing on it) in “110- Make Me Blush”. Cute name.

AND WE ARE DONE. WE FINISHED. WE MADE IT THROUGH THIS TOGETHER. This took me longer to write than to actually do the makeup, I get far too sidetracked. And I also write like I speak; cramming far too much into one sentence. So, that’s all for now! If you have any suggestions or anything just leave a comment aaaaand yeah- goodbye for now little buns!

club tropicana eye


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  1. Thank you for following my beauty blog – – I have returned the favour. This post IS SUPER COOL! 🙂
    Stay tuned to my blog for a Paloma Faith inspired look, I did an inspired look a couple of weeks back which you might like to check out:

    I look forward to chatting with you, if you have instagram feel free to follow me and I’ll follow you back…as you’re also a beauty blogger 🙂 the link to my Instagram is on my blog 😀 x

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