My skin care routine!

I love trying out new products however I have kept this exact routine for the past month now and I have noticed a dramatic change in my skin. Before we get into it I will just tell you a little bit about my skin, I have dry, sensitive skin and eczema however I am prone to pimples, especially when I am stressed, which is a lot of the time. I also had very patchy skin, including red cheeks and a very red nose!

If I am wearing make up I like to start with L’Oreal’s “Micellar water” which completely dissolves my make up and takes it off without irritating my skin or eyes. I then follow that up with, what I believe has been the product that has made the most difference in my skin, Soap and Glory’s “Peaches and Clean” cleansing milk.


I cannot praise this amazing product enough, it has got rid of the mila under my eyes, blackheads on my nose and helped a lot with my discolouration. To use it you can just splash your face with water, rub in a pump of the cleansing milk all over your face, and then wash it off! Simple! The only thing I would say is that when I first started using it I did have a few breakouts because of how deeply it was cleaning my pores, but that cleared up within a matter of days. Also if you get it in your eyes it stings like a bitch! It also smells soooo freaking good.

The next product that I use is Simple’s “Soothing facial Toner” which I have repurchased for the third time now. It is so gentle on my skin and soaks in very quickly, I never really notice a massive difference with toners but since I have started using this again my face feels so smooth!

To prevent any pimples I then spray my face twice with the Lush “Tea tree water” …kind of. This product is kinda pricey for what it is so when I ran out of it I bought some tee trea oil and used tap water to create my own! It works just the same so I am over the moon! I also spray this all over my pillows and my teddy (anything I am likely to have my face on really… and yes, I sleep with a teddy).

After this (wow I really do go on, don’t I?) I spray my face three times, as the nozzle is kinda narrow, with The Body Shop’s “Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz”. This smells absolutely divine. If I am completely honest I am not sure what its meant to do to my skin but it makes me feel awake and it smells good so I like to use it.

To finish off I like to use Aveeno’s “Moisturising Creamy Oil” which is brilliant for my dry skin and eczema and smells really good too. Can you tell I am sold my the smell of something?

BONUS ROUND. Wait, what? I don’t know. But anyway, in the morning, or whenever I put my make up on, I use this baby.


Simple’s “Illuminating Radiance Cream”. It has the tiniest flecks of glitter in which are so subtle (not like a disco ball, don’t worry) and when you put your make up on you look naturally dewy and healthy which is a personal favourite look of mine. Okay so I will stop rambling now and let you get on with your day. Here’s a picture of my nakey skin so you know I’m not just lying.


Thats all for now! Goodbye little buns!


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