50 facts about me

Alrighty, so, I feel like since I haven’t posted in a while (again- I know, I’m sorry, I’m not very good at these things) I should give you loads of information at once because, why not? Some people may think this is the most boring thing ever but I feel like we can get to know each other a little better, you know?

1. I am 17 years old.
2. My birthday is on the 24th of April.
3. I am about 5 foot 9 and a half inches…about.
4. I have worn glasses since I was 4.
5. I used to have a lazy eye (don’t laugh, it was traumatic, not really, I still learnt to read and write because I’m smart like that).
6. I am v e r y pale.
7. My arms are the same length as my best friends legs.
8. I’ve been trying to lose weight since I was 11… it’s difficult, okay?
9. I have a cool freckle in between my fingers.
10. I have my ears pierced twice.
11. I love tattoos but I don’t have any…yet.
12. My legs don’t really work very well.
13. If my eyebrows don’t look good it’s gonna be a bad day.
14. I have been a vegetarian for almost six years.
15. I left school on the 23rd of May because I hate it and most people in it.
16. I have eczema and I used to have to put cream around my mouth all the time so there is a white ring around it, well done me.
17. I have two brothers and a sister-in-law.
18. I have been asked “Do you speak french?” about 3 million times.
19. In the playground I used to stand still and let everyone hook their bags on my arms and round my neck and I would be “bag lady”. Truth be told I just wanted friends and to show off how strong I thought I was.
20. As I child I wouldn’t eat anything other than blended peaches.
21. I can never remember important things however I know A LOT of song lyrics and I can remember pooing on a play mat when I was little and just being like “whoops I’ll just sit over here”.
22. I’ve tried to do youtube videos about 3 times but I’m too scared and I take them down. And they’re also really bad cause I can’t edit.
23. I have a total of £2 in my bank at the minute.
24. If I don’t sit down right after getting out the bath, I faint.
25. Me sober is another person drunk- I can’t walk in a straight line, I slur my words, I walk into things etc
26. My parents are the f*cking coolest people ever, but my Dad needs to bring himself into the 21st century.
27. We used to have 30 tropical fish but they all ate each other.
28. I burried my personal goldfish and my hamster.
29. Apprently the layers of my teeth are weird, making them kinda crap and I have a high palette.
30. My favourite colour is pink.
31. I love candles.
32. At the moment, none of my furniture in my room matches.
33. I love making cakes but not really eating them, unless they’re cupcakes or carrot cake.
34. I liked the same guy for 5 years.
35. I forgive but n e v e r forget.
36. I like reading but it hurts my eyes and makes me sleepy.
37. We got a new car at the weekend and me and my brother named it Lola.
38. I am terrified of anyone other than me seeing my body.
39. I don’t really like people touching me.
40. I am going the doctors for both anxiety and depression.
41. On tumblr I message random people on anon and tell them how cool they are because it makes both me and them feel good.
42. I was gonna stop at 30 facts because I’m really not that interesting.
43. I always watch the same programs, even if they are repeats.
44. I spend the majority of my life on youtube and tumblr, and I don’t regret it at all.
45. At one point I wouldn’t eat over 700 calories a day (please be healthy, don’t obsess over food because it’s not fun and there is sooo much more to life).
46. My fingers are naturally bent, I can’t straighten them at all.
47. I am really bad at using fake tan so if I am ever going out I’ll just wear “tan” tights and a lot of bronzer.
48. Going to choir is possibly my most favourite part of the week, although it’s not on until September now, sigh.
49. I have had a lot of nicknames in the past, but my most favourite is frenchbread.
50. I hate feet.

Okaaaay so if you actually stayed until the end you are a trooper and I love you. That’s it for today, goodbye for now little buns!


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